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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 12 2023


In the sixth week of the helifishing program, we were honored with the presence of a wonderful, fun, and experienced group of anglers from around the world: Jason and Tom from Canada, Alex from Germany, and Kyle from Wyoming in the United States. With this group we have shared beautiful experiences, including adventures in the canyons of some of our headwaters and good fishing. Highlights included catches of Dorado on mice patterns and Pacú on grasshoppers. The weather was benevolent and allowed us to vary environments and basins. Despite this being the sixth week of the second season, we continue to be amazed at how pristine our environments are.


This week at Sécure Lodge we received the last team of guests hosted by Alexander Gonsiewski: six fishermen from the USA.

The week began really well with the weather changing the first day, becoming cloudy and bringing wind and a soft rain which made the pressure drop a lot. That weather meant more activity: nice Dorados were hooked and the Pacú gave us many chances. We landed one of them and lost another in the fight.

After that the rain brought dirty water conditions, making the fishing slower the second day of the week. Going deep into the creeks was the best choice, and the Maniquicito gave us a great session with big golden ones. With the river improving but not totally clear, we had a rematch with awesome strikes on top water flies, using poppers and disturbing the surface in shallow spots.

In the second half of the week everybody got into their golden prizes, and another Pacú was stranded on the beach in the upper section. The biggest fish of the week was a 17-pound Dorado.


On the twelfth week of the season at Tsimané Pluma Lodge we hosted four Argentinian, two American, and one British angler. After a rainy start, the group enjoyed perfect weather conditions, allowing for awesome Dorado and Pacú fishing on streamers.


Last week we had the chance to fish with four anglers from the USA: Jason, Perry, Kipp, and his son Hawk. The fishing was good, mostly on the tributaries and some days on the main Sécure. The water was a bit colored in the Secure but clear on the Agua Negra and Chimoro where we had most of the shots at fish. Overall, the weather was nice with sunny days and cool nights. We had many chances at fish during the week and were able to land two big Pacú, some huge Yatoranas and 20 Dorado (five over 15 Ibs., two 20-Ib. fish, and several medium-sized ones.)


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