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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 7 2022

Heli Fishing

After our fourth exploratory week of helifishing, we have been fortunate to host four friends from the United States: Billy, Stan, Troy, and Ryan. The four anglers shared the experience of continuing to explore new waters in remote, unexplored places, some of which were difficult to walk where we have had to swim, but with good results. The weather helped us to comply with the scheduled flight plan to avoid repeated water. 

This week of clear skies and crystal-clear water forced us to be more technical in fishing, having to lengthen leaders, and to fish upriver with quite long casts, which allowed us to be very successful in our catch rate. We feel privileged to be part of this adventure.

Agua Negra Lodge

Perfect weather and great people made the week as good as it could be! This past week we had the chance to fish with Germano and his group: Peter, Rolan, Adrian, and Darco from Switzerland. 

Ali the rivers were very low and clear, and the water was cold the first couple of days. The fishing was very good on both the Agua Negra and the Chimoro, where we had many chances and landed several rtruly nice dorado and one very big pacú!

The main Sécure River also gave us the chance to caught sorne great dorado in the structures. 
The biggest fish of the week was a 25-lb. dorado in the Agua Negra.

Pluma Lodge

Here we are, starting the 12th week at Pluma lodge with a visit from three groups of friends: Matt, Tom, Stephen, and Randy from Texas, Peter and Lu from Houston, and Peter and Peter from South Africa. 

Conditions were great, presenting as a typical week after a big cold front, but day-to-day the water was better with warmer temperatures. We landed two fish over 20 lbs. throughout the week, with a lot more jumped or simply lost for typical reasons. More fish around 14 lbs. were also landed. 

The lower Pluma and the Sécure provided the best in quality fishing, especially the first three days. After the first half of the week, the main Pluma was very productive, giving us the chance of sight casting to more than six feeding frenzies of huge dorado packs killing sábalo. Awesome to say at least!

Itirizama, as the smallest environment, still had cold water and very technical fishing. But it always has the bonus of having the most beautiful scenery in the entire national park. 
We are excited and looking forward to a great next week to come.

Secure Lodge

Despite the rough conditions we fished everywhere, in the main river and the tributaries. All fishermen connected with big dorado, including two massive fish over 20 lbs., both caught in sight fishing situations, and we enjoyed some of those awesome highlights during our 11th week in the jungle.

For pacú fishing, this species is more sensitive to water temperature, so the quick change made for tough fishing. We still had couple solid chances the last day, landing a nice one which took a deer hair fruit imitation right after a great cast next to a cliff where the forest hangs over a deep pool. Food drops here all the time, making it a typical pacú place.

The largest fish of the week was a fat yellow ingot caught on the Maniquicito—an amazing 27-lb. fish which attacked a medium-sized streamer. 


Do you think you could handle the Dorado that reside at PlumaSecureAgua Negra and our brand new Heli fishing tour? You can take a closer look at the tour page, where you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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