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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 9 2022

Heli Fishing

In our sixth week of the exploratory helifishing program we have had the honor of hosting two friends from the United Kingdom, with whom we have shared the great experience of fishing pristine waters from the headwaters of the rivers in our basin. The weather helped us, both in fishing and in flights, so we could rotate between different environments. Although the prevailing drought makes the river levels very low, by having options and the possibility of moving by helicopter, we find ways for the fishing to be successful. We rounded off the week with good catches of Golden Dorado, Pacú, and Yatorana.

Secure Lodge

We ended our 14th week hosting a very cosmopolitan team of guests and fishermen from England, Denmark, and the USA here at Sécure Lodge.

Weather conditions brought a comfortable range of temperatures with cool nights and days, becoming warmer in the end of the week. The water level is still low and totally clear, which requires a lot of walking and precise approaches. In this sort of game, “play to win” means the angler must put one hundred percent of the bet in the first cast, where he has the highest chance to connect with a fish.

We fished all the beats, making camps and going as far downstream as upstream. All the guests had opportunities with medium and extra-large size Dorado; stranding some of them and loosing many more due to the “Dorado on the fly” was a totally new experience for all the guests.

The Pacú didn’t take the flies this week, but the biggest Golden Dorado was a 18-lb. fish, caught in a very deep spot upstream from the home pool.

Pluma Lodge

This week we received nine anglers, hosted by Jako with eight friends: Jerry and Mark, Douglas and Mary Key, Tod and Paul, and Jacob and David. Both water conditions and weather were excellent, and the week provided some high-quality fish, including some really big ones.
We landed also three Pacú, three Yatorana, and two Moturo. The upper sections and the main Pluma were productive in quality and quantity, with some nice fish caught over 20 pounds.
The Secure sections also gave us strong fishing, with good fish sizes and two fish over 15 pounds. We are waiting and looking forward to an excellent next week.

Agua Negra Lodge

We had cool nights and very comfortable days over the past week. The water in all the rivers was in good condition, loaded with fish but very technical due to many days without rain. We spent mostly of the time hiking the tributaries, and also made a camp in the upper Agua Negra, where we had many chances for big Dorado and a few Pacú. The Chinoro was also very fun on dry flies and small streamers.

The biggest fish of the week was 20-lb. Dorado in the upper Agua Negra.


Do you think you could handle the Dorado that reside at PlumaSecureAgua Negra and our brand new Heli fishing tour? You can take a closer look at the tour page, where you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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