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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 9 2023


In our third week of the Helifishing Program we hosted a couple Brazilian friends, Pedro and Alina, for the second time. We also had Ray from Australia, also a repeat guest, as well as Mark from the United States. We were lucky enough to share very good fishing experiences, with catches of great Pacú on dry flies and very good Golden Dorado. The rain clouded a beat the end of the fishing week, preventing us from being able to fly one day and forcing us to throw poppers the next day quite successfully. We thank you for the good vibes and company.


The ninth week is in the books. A group of six friends from the United States joined us and we started the week fishing the upper beats, experiencing good temperatures but low and crystal-clear water. The conditions made for technical fishing, pushing guides and fishermen to the limits; rigging longer leaders than usual and camouflaging lines from the fish was the key to success.

The regular upper beat was the most productive, where we caught fish in the 15-lb. range and one Pacú. We found many Dorado chasing sabalo, as well as solitary fish sitting in shallows where the skilled anglers managed to catch even some of the trickiest.

The camp gave us an amazing experience yet again, although on the last day of the week a storm hit us and the river got high and dirty.


On the ninth week of the season we hosted eight American anglers at Pluma Lodge. We experienced good weather conditions on the first few days, making medium and large Dorado very active; we also caught Pacú on streamers, and even Catfish! In the middle of the week rain appeared and made the river rise. Despite that, our crew made it awesome in muddy water, catching Dorado on popper flies.


Week nine of the season gave us the chance to fish with four friends from the U.S.: Kevin, John, Mark, and Kevin. Fishing was good most of the week, mainly in the tributaries. The main river was difficult due to a bit of rain the week before and another big rain on Thursday of this week. We had the chance to make two camps in the Agua Negra, and also walked the Chimoro where we sight fished and we caught very nice Dorado! 

By the end of the week, we were able to land more than 20 Dorado—six of them over 14 lbs. and one over 21 lbs., as well as several Yatoranas and a big Pacú.


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