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Week 26 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Report – Winsnes Lodge, Gaula River

This week out on the Guala didn’t disappoint, with guests seeing some amazing fish coming to the bank with even a big 11kg+ bruiser being landed!

Week 26 Atlantic Salmon Fishing Report

The week began with fish showing everywhere and evidence that some at least were becoming resident in the pools. Up until this point, all the fish were being caught in the typical ‘running fish places’ where fish pause before running on. The heads of pools have been very productive but now we are beginning to catch fish from some of the known ‘lies.’As the week progressed, this phenomenon was replaced by an increasing willingness to stay in a pool but with fish numbers building quickly, we had a dwidling river which finished the week at a level and temperature we would normally expect in middle August.

Nonetheless, rain and lots of it apparently, is due any time now so the fishing looks set to kick off. At the moment the river is full of fish and despite the low water, the grilse run has begun. Fishing has not been easy: long leaders, small flies and stealth tactics have been the key but we have winkled a few out in very poor water levels. We were low on guests in week 26 after having been originally sold out. Week 27 is busy, however, so watch this space!

Catches (in kg):

  • Andy Dahl Eriksen – 8, 4.3
  • Jakob Winsnes – 6.1, 4.5
  • Petter Geelmyeden – 10
  • Glenn Hole – 7.8,3.5, 8.3, 6.1
  • Matt Hayes – 3.5, 4.3, 9.7, 11.6
  • Lars Terkildsen – 7
  • Magnus Aasberg – 5.3, 8.6, 7, 4.2, 6.3
  • Amund Tørum – 5.3, 7, 6
  • Anna Geelmyeden – 6.1

Total: 22

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