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Top Shore Fishing Destinations

Top Shore Fishing Destinations

Shore fishing is an ever growing sport that can be very productive when fishing in the right destination. With fish often moving in close to shore they are there to be caught at the right time and there is something a lot more satisfying than catching a big fish off the beach rather than a boat. Here I will take you through some of the top shore fishing destinations around the world hopefully helping you to catch that big fish you so want to get under your belt from the beach.


The skeleton coast is one of the most exciting places to fish around the world and with the possibility of a real monster fish from the shore here this really is one destination that just has to be visited by the shore angler. Species that can be found here range from the smaller Kabeljou, Barbel and Galjoen all the way up to the fish that most anglers visiting these shores want to ensnare, the Bronze Whaler shark. These sharks come in very close to the shore here with 300lb specimens a real possibility to the visiting angler.

Lofoten Islands

Norway is a magical place and one that rests heavily within the UK anglers heart. The destination of Lofoten is an area of Norway that any serious shore angler just has to visit and experience. The possibility of big fish is a huge possibility with monster Halibut and big Cod cruising these waters well within casting range. Other species that can be caught from here also include Wolffish, Lumb, Ling and Coalfish. This all adds up to an amazing shore fishing experience that can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages and abilities.

South Africa

South Africa is a stunning country in terms of scenery, culture and of course fishing. This area is very well known for its abundance of big Shark species and being able to catch these from the shore is a huge possibility. Of course, you have the hard fighting Bronze whaler sharks, Ragged Tooth Sharks and Hammerheads. On this stretch of coastline, there is also the chance of hooking into the superfast and tough Mako Shark! Along with these big sharks you also have smaller shark species like the Spotted Gully Shark and the Smoothhound shark and amongst these, there are various other smaller species to be targeted like Rays, Kabeljou and Steenbras. This really is an angling experience that once tasted will leave you wanting to come back for more.


The long sandy beaches of Gabon offer the travelling angler a unique opportunity to fish in the wilderness targetting the many large predatory fish that patrol these shores. You will predominately be using lures and poppers from the beaches here to try and hook into Tarpon, Cubera Snapper, Kob and the many Jack species that are prevalent here. At certain times of year the Tarpon fishing is the real attraction at Gabon with some absolute monsters frequenting the beaches here and a 200lb+ fish could well be the next fish to smash your lures. Along with popper and lure fishing you will also have the chance to try bait fishing from the shore where you could well do battle with one of the many monsters that swim here including the tough Bull Shark. The experience of fishing in Gabon is one that will leave memories that last a lifetime and you will definitely be wanting to return.


Bodo in Norway is a great destination that the shore angler just has to look into visiting. With plenty of marks to fish that fall off into deep water and fast running areas this destination has the possibility of producing some very big fish indeed. Enormous Halibut, Cod and Ling reside here with some of the marks being up to 250m deep meaning that if you hook a big fish at these depths you really do have  a fight on your hands. Set in the stunning mountainous surroundings of Northern Norway this really is a shore fishing holiday that you will never forget.

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