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Family Fishing Holidays

Fishing holidays are not just about groups of friends going away or single anglers travelling to far-flung destinations. Sometimes it is nice to go away as a family and this is where Sportquest Holidays family fishing holidays come into their own. Family fishing holidays are exactly as described, they are fishing holidays for the family, meaning that your whole family can experience a family fishing holiday together. These fishing holidays for the family are hand selected by our expert team here at Sportquest holidays to ensure that when you go away with us your family fishing holiday is everything you could want and more.

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10 Tours available

Tour code: COS001  

The world-class resort in Costa Rica called Crocodile Bay has won so many awards on Trip Adviser that we class it as a must go for any big game angler. It is also the perfect destination to take your non-angling family, as the eco tours onsite are unbelievable and if you were to stay there for a whole month, you would never get through them. 

   Season: November to April

From: £3,764 per person including flights

Tour code: MAD001  

Madeira for many years has produced some of the worlds biggest Blue Marlin and back in 1995, 1996 and 1997 Madeira was the world cup winner. So, if you are a true specimen hunter, we can’t think of a better place to head to for a fish of a lifetime. Perfect for a family getaway with it only being a couple of hour’s flight.

   Season: May to August

From: £1,579 per person including flights

Tour code: HUN004

Given how popular Carp fishing has become we have been searching the world for top quality Carp venues. We would like to introduce Carp Heaven Lake located in Hungary only 10km from Nyíregyháza which is the northeast side of the country. This stunning piece of water is 59 acres and with it being over 40 years old. The owners have stocked over 25,000 Carp in this lake from 20LB - 40LB

   Season: April to October

From: £1,339 per person including flights

Tour code: MAD002  

The Wahoo season in Madeira is by far the best in Europe and, if you of yet have not hooked a Wahoo, then you are in for treat, as these fish are simply known as the ‘Cheetah’s of the Sea’. The season is very short and runs from September to December, so spaces fill fast, as these specimens are fast becoming a very popular fish.

   Season: September to January

From: £1,474 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR024

This absolutely stunning fishing camp on the Island of Senja Northern Norway has something for every traveller. The fishing around this location in Norway benefits from a huge run of Skrei Cod early season then the Skrei Cod give way to huge shoals of Coalfish that push in the fjords searching out bait shoals to feed on.

   Season: March to October

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10 Tours available

Additional Information

We know that sometimes a family’s budget can only stretch to one holiday a year and with so many anglers wishing to go away to fish in new countries these family fishing holidays can kill 2 birds with one stone, if the whole family fishes then everybody can wet a line but if only one or 2 members enjoy angling then these fishing holidays for the family have something for everyone. Whilst the others are fishing why not relax by the pool, take in the local sights or get involved in one of the many activities that will be available, we guarantee that whilst away on one of Sportquest holidays fishing holidays for the family you will never be bored and there will always be something to keep you and other members of your family entertained at all times.

Just think of the happiness and excitement your family would experience going away as a group on a family fishing holiday, not only will the anglers amongst you be extremely excited that you are going somewhere new with opportunities to catch fish they may never have encountered before, the non-anglers will also be smiling from ear to ear as they will be experiencing this fishing holiday for the family. Waking up in an exotic destination, waving goodbye to the anglers and then relaxing, maybe some fresh picked fruit for breakfast followed by a dip in the pool all the time whilst being looked after by the hotel staff, then maybe a few activities or a bit of exploring until the anglers in the group return.

After listening to the anglers in the groups fishing stories from their day on the water your family can relax together and maybe share an evening meal together as a family, enjoying each other’s company and making some memories that will never fade away. These family fishing holidays really are something else and we guarantee you will be wanting to go away as a family on one of these amazing fishing holidays for the family year after year once you have experienced one for the first time.

We can guarantee you we will find the family fishing holiday for you, if the fishing holiday for the family you are looking for is not described on this website then contact us and we will find the perfect family fishing holiday for you and we will send you away on the family fishing holiday of a lifetime.