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Vesteralen, Fishing Report 12th September 2023

So, this season’s last fishing week is over for this time. Autumn has truly arrived in northern Norway, and temperatures have dropped significantly recently. Fortunately, we had some nice summer days before the colder weather set in. At the beginning of the week, we had light winds from the northeast and pleasant temperatures that allowed us to go out on […]
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Vesteralen, Fishing Report 31st August 2023

As temperatures drop, it seems that our flat friends have begun to migrate towards shallower waters. The consistently good weather throughout the week has also contributed to several boats achieving success in Halibut fishing in recent days. We’ve also had several extended trips, with mixed results, but it continues to deliver as we transition into the new month. Given the […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 23rd August 2023

Autumn is in full progress here in Northern Norway, and the temperatures are slowly but surely starting to drop. Many typically associate autumn with rough weather and cold conditions, but that hasn’t been entirely the case this week. Even though it’s been colder than the past few weeks, we’ve truly had great weather here! This has meant several long trips […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 14th August 2023

There was little doubt about what we should do on the first day of fishing. The weather forecast predicted calm seas and brilliant sunshine. That meant a long trip here in Vesterålen! The fishing was truly as it should be out there; several big cod over 20 kilograms were landed, with a peak at 23 kilograms. Large halibuts were also […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 7th August 2023

Many associate Vesterålen with excellent Cod fishing. Our somewhat famous long trip is where we usually go to catch the largest ones, but that hasn’t been the case this past week. We haven’t had to drive more than 40 minutes from the camp to experience truly fantastic fishing for this popular food fish. Lately, we’ve been receiving reports from our […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 31st July 2023

Now that both Alexander and I are back at the camp after our respective week-long vacations, it feels good to get back on track here at the camp. This week, we have had a visit from a larger group of Brits and a group from France. The weather has been somewhat mixed, but we’ve had brief moments of true beauty […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 17th July 2023

The first fishing days for this week’s guests have been very eventful. With occasionally good fishing, with short but extremely effective bite periods. Several large Cod have been landed up to 12 kilos! Redfish fishing has delivered well and we have also landed some Coalfish with a top of 95cm. We’ve also seen killer whales every single day we’ve been […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 7th July 2023

The last few days we have been blessed with a lot of good weather, and have really had the opportunity to get outside. When the gang in the Guide boat had a really good day this weekend with a big top fish of 163 cm, there was no doubt where the focus should be in the last few days. The […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 3rd July 2023

The heat continues, and the fishing just keeps on delivering. The Cod fishing has been really good this week with a good average size, the Great Halibut have also not hesitated to devour what our guests have chosen to serve them. There have also been several fine Halibut this week with a top of 181cm and a single larger one […]

Vesteralen, Fishing Report 28th June 2023

The start of the week went off as usual on Thursday, and all the boats set course for last week’s most productive Cod spots. As soon as we start searching the areas, we immediately see that there are fish in the middle water, it quickly turned out to be large quantities of pelagic hunting Cod. As soon as our guests […]
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