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Pigeon shooting tips
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Pigeon Shooting Essentials

There are a few things to remember when you’re thinking about heading out for a Pigeon. Decoying is a skill mastered from field craftsmanship and experience in observing flight lines and Pigeon activity. It is useful to understand what equipment and information you need and how you would need to implement it. Here are a few helpful essentials to help […]
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Male common pheasant

Top Pheasant Shooting Destinations

Would you be interested to know where the top Pheasant shooting destinations are? There are some truly wonderful estates around the world and many whom are a returning guns absolute favourite. Whether it be the shooting, hospitality or the allure of the stunning estates themselves there is something magic about a shooting estate and what it offers which have guns […]
gun fitting

Gun Fitting – Does it Really Matter?

Yes, yes it does. In fact, gun fitting matters a great deal, as without it can cause a lot of issues not only in your shooting but injuries too. With poor gun fit the gun is less likely to be pointing at the target or in the direction the shooter is intending. This, in turn, can cause the shooter to […]

Best Shooting Lodges In Europe

If you are in search of the best Shooting Holidays in Europe then take a minute to browse through these sensational shooting trips where you will find destinations filled with everything you could possibly desire. Now all you need to worry about is which one to choose from to satisfy your adventurous side, which species to hunt and which country […]
how to clean your gun

Cleaning Your Shotgun

Tips on cleaning your shotgun If you have a gun that you treasure and you would like it to last and perform well then you need to take good care of it. To maintain maximum effectiveness and longevity of your shotgun you will need to keep it clean and maintained regularly especially if you’re storing it over a long period […]

13 Common Duck species in Argentina

When it comes to Duck Shooting, Jacana Lodge is the place to go. Jacana Lodge is located in Lincoln, in the province of Buenos Aires, 300 Kilometers (185 miles) northwest from Buenos Aires City. Lincoln was chosen as a destination because of its large numbers of ducks. More than you’ll find at any one lodge in North America. Populations are […]
Female eared dove

Species Spotlight: Eared Dove

Species: Eared Dove Latin Name: Zenaida auriculata Average Speed: A strong flier with speeds of up to 55 mph Shooting Season: The Shooting season for Eared Dove runs all year round in the Province of Cordoba in Argentina and Uruguay. Eared Dove Description The Eared Dove is approximately 9.4 inches long with a long wedge-like shaped tail and weighs around […]
Red Legged Partridge

Species Spotlight: Red legged Partridge

Latin Name: Alectoris Rufa Average fly speed: 30-35mph Wingspan: 47-50cm Where to shoot: France, Spain, Portugal Red-Legged Partridge Shooting Season For Great Britain, Partridge shooting season runs from 1st September – 1st February. For Northern Ireland, it’s 1st September – 31st February. Red Legged Partridge Description Partridge shooting is one of the most exciting and exhilarating of game bird pursuits. […]

Dove Hunting and how to shoot them

Doves are small with a lightweight bone structure. It doesn’t take a heavy load to knock one down as it only takes one pellet to kill. Cartridges with shot sized 7 1/2 work very well and you will find you won’t need much more oomph than that. When it comes to choice of gun a little 20-gauge shotgun is the […]

Species Spotlight: Pheasant

Species: Pheasant Latin Name: Phasianus Colchicus Average Speed: 38-48 mph Wingspan: 28-34 inches Shooting Season: Pheasant Shooting season runs from the 1st of October – 1st February in Great Britain. In Northern Ireland, the Pheasant shooting runs from 1st October – 31st January. PHEASANT Description The pheasant is not native to Britain but to Asia, it has a long history […]
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