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Cooked grouse
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9 Healthy Benefits of Eating Game

Below are 9 Healthy Benefits of eating Game. A natural means of nutrients which is not only good for you but is something that is sustainable and easily sourced. Why not read through to find out the fantastic benefits of eating game. Wild game is leaner than farmed meats. This is because wild animals walk, run and roam all day. […]
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Uncooked game meat

How to Dress Game

There is a lot of care and preparation that goes into skilfully dressing game and something that needs to be undertaken with patience and understanding. This is a step by step guide to helping you with the process. Plucking your birds legs stage 1 Start at the legs. The proper technique is to pull the feathers downwards first in the […]
Greylag Goose Species Spotlight

Species Spotlight: Greylag Goose

Species: Greylag Goose Latin Name: Anser anser UK Breeding: 46,000 pairs UK Wintering: 140,000 British breeding birds and 88,000 from Iceland. Speed: 40-70mph depending on the tailwind Wingspan: 147 – 180cm Where to shoot: Sweden Shooting Season: Shot legally between 1st September – 31st January (20th February below high water mark) during the closed season can only be shot under […]
Duck In Sweden

What makes a good Shooting Holiday in Sweden?

Sweden offers a playground for hunters with its resplendent forests and hills, farmlands and coastline. From the North to South of the country the list of species is vast and the opportunity to shoot within a variety of areas is possible. Species include Driven Duck and Pheasant days, decoying the world-famous Ducks and Geese with the exclusive “No bag limit.” […]

10 Perdiz Hunting Tips

10 Perdiz Hunting Tips by our partners David Denies Bernardo Barran has more than 40 years of experience perdiz hunting in Uruguay, In the text that follows, he shares his knowledge about particular perdiz hunting experiences. Taking these 10 tips into consideration will not only make you a better perdiz hunter, it will make you a better hunter and make […]
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