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blue skies and huge halibut

A Windy Week In Havoysund

Well, it’s the start of yet another week at Nordic Sea Angling camp called Havoysund and this week Douglas welcomes another group of excited anglers. I will now hand you over to Douglas himself!

A windy but productive week!

During this week, I have spent every day at sea with a group of 8 Norwegians. Göran, Jørn, Arnfinn and Jan who I guided earlier this year brought some new abilities up this time so Göran drove a boat and I steered the guide boat in the usual order.

The week started a bit tough for us as it was blowing hard from the northwest and we had to fish in protected areas from wind and sea. During the first day, we took the opportunity in the guide boat to drive a couple of hours for Plaice as it is tough to target Halibut in harsh conditions. The Plaice fishing was a real success and ended up finding them right away and had good action with around 10 nice Plaice with an average size of about 1.5 kilos which is really fun. The weather forecasts turned out to be very shaky during the first days and did not match at all sometimes, along with that, the Halibut were really hard to entice. On Sunday, the weather finally got a little better and we were able to head to an area that would definitely give us some good Halibut action, we felt that we needed a little heavy fishing after having had it so tough. 

We sent both boats down to the area and already in the first cast we pulled a small Halibut under the measure in the guide boat, after that it rolled on and we had good action on both small bait fish and spin fishing. After pulling up a bunch of fish there, we pulled down to the next bay which also usually holds up well with fish and it was really crazy for a couple of hours when we got there, we pulled many nice Halibut up to 126 centimetres. 

The next day the weather was again quite tough and we fished for Halibut in the morning but without any results and ended up doing some Cod fishing on the way home and was surprised by a Halibut of 120cm which unfortunately came loose at the boat edge. Yesterday we finally had really great weather and we set off to end the week with some really great fishing, it was okay but it could definitely be better so when the high tide started to approach we pulled up to another spot and it was definitely just right. Already on the first drift, we immediately smacked a slightly better fish of 113cm on spin gear followed by two fish around the meter mark. The second drift finally offered a better fish that we hunted and Tron’s Tiagra reel screamed and a fish of 146 centimeters was landed. The drift after that, Tron was up and running again and pulled another really nice fish of 138 centimeters. After a few drifts with really good action and a number of more fish than mentioned here, Göran hooks in the other boat into a really good fish that did not want to follow up and pressed hard down at the bottom, unfortunately this fish came off but that was it heaviest fish Göran ever had on. Everyone was super happy by now, but it would still have been good even without a really big fish, so I decided that we would make a small move to a place I know holds real monsters, to round off the week with a real banger! 

We pulled the movement at 1.5 distance and dropped the bait where I had positioned the boat to drift across a small channel between two peaks, I didnt get time to think before I look forward to Jan and his rod double fold when he was raising the bait fish a bit, and after a real counterattack followed by a couple of really heavy head swings, the thing was clear that we had hooked the fish we came for only two minutes into the first drift. Jan did a great job of fighting the fish and he had to work hard before we got the fish to the boat for the first time, when I would try to land the fish on the first try it was absolutely not ready and he barely broke the surface before it threw itself into a brutal rush back to the bottom and Jan had to start pumping the fish up to the boat. Despite this mishap, everyone was very happy and Jan was still happy when he had had an incredible fight and got to see the fish up close and that he got the fish on film. After this, Jørn finished with a nice halibut of 119 centimeters and it had to score for a very nice week.

Tight Lines // Douglas Dahlberg

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Thanks guys for the amazing report and thank you for looking after all the guests! We are sure that people who have booked for next year are all super stoked about getting the chance to fish here with you next year.

All the best and tight lines,

Tight lines Paul

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