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Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler

Well, what can I say apart from that was two days fishing that will stay with me for a very long time. Being an angler myself you get certain days in your life when your out fishing that you think to yourself that life can not get any better then Soroya hits you in the face with days like our last days fishing.

We headed out for our last days fishing to light winds and a very moody black skies. After a very short ride in to the ocean we all noticed a huge amount of bird activity so we raced over to see what was going on and it soon become apparent that there was a huge feeding frenzy happening. When we got closer we soon food ourselves surround by a mega pod of Dolphins, there were thousands and thousands of Dolphins feeding high in the water on a bait fish called the Capelin. It was one of those moments that you just had to sit still and watch as thousands of Dolphins chased, jumped and played on the surface….. wow what a start to the day.


Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler

After several attempts of some pictures of this event we decided to see if the Cod were hungry and soon found ourselves looking at the fish finder to see what was at home. Everything in this part of the ocean must have been hungry today as the Cod were everywhere and very high in the water which only means they are feeding hard. So with some big fish found down went our lures for the last days fishing.

All the boats had split up a little today but kept in radio contact to see if we could get the big ones. Our boat fished an area called “Guild Halen” a very good mark that I have fished previous trips and done well. The first Cod hooked looked to be a good one which is an encouraging sign. Ray soon had the fish beaten and we boated a Cod around 25 kilo. What a start!

 Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler

After catching a lot of Cod ranging from 10 kilo to Ray’s 25 kilo fish I got on the radio to see how the other boats were getting on and they were struggling to find the better fish so with the news from me the other boats came over to my location. After a short while a had a very excited Nordic Angler Guide, Sebastian, come on the radio asking for bigger scales. I quickly responded and said I would be over very shortly but please tell me how big you think it is? He then responded with very big….

We were only a couple of minutes away from him so we soon got there and I was greeted with huge cheers and anglers jumping up and down with joy. This had to be the one, I thought. We secured the boats together and I got my first glimpse of the Cod and it was massive, I thought to myself it must be very close to the record. We managed to get her safely in a weigh sling and up on the scales. The needle bounced between 90LB & 96LB so we said it 93LB we simply could not believe it. This fish was not a Cod it was like a whale and we all felt very special to be able to witness such a fish.

Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler

After many hugs and congratulations I simply made a remark that that Cod was the biggest ever Cod caught by a British angler and his eyes lite up. The anglers name was Bert Williams and the lure he caught this beast on was a Westin Big Bob lure weighing 730g in the Blue Glamour style. He will go down in history as the biggest Cod caught by a British Angler, Well done Bert.

We all just sat there for a while shaking our heads in disbelief at what we had just witnessed. Then with only an hour or so left of fishing the boats split up and went in search of their own monster Cod for the last time.

New fishing mark found and it took a couple of minutes before I noticed one of my guys bent into a god looking Cod, was this the one? After a little fight we had a good looking Cod by the boat, not the monster we had just witnessed but still around the 30 kilo mark. Carefully lifted in to the boat we weighed the Cod and she went 31Kilo so again another huge fish.

Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler Biggest Ever Cod Caught By British Angler

Sadly time had ran out for this group and I had to make the call that I hate making that it was time to head back to harbour to clean the boats and to refuel them.

What a week these 8 anglers from the UK have just experienced. We lost 3 and a half days fishing but managed to get out for 2 and a half days and these couple of days they have experienced the best Cod fishing in the world. Everyone’s personal bests were smashed and they all had the time of their lives, even after losing a couple of days due to the extreme conditions out here.

As I sit here writing this report the guys are heading home and the next group are on their way. Lets all hope the awesome fishing continues and you never know, we may even set a new world record! Fingers crossed

Hope you have enjoyed my first week of our hosted Soroya Cod trip and if you want some of this excellent sport for your self, simply call the office on 01603 407596 as we only have a couple of spaces left for 2017. Until my very next report, tight lines

Paul Stevens

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  1. Geoffrey See

    Well done Bert !!, good to see your ugly mug again, good job you listened to all I taught you ! How did you manage without John to be you ( our ) valet.
    All the best, and well done again, the fish of a lifetime no doubt and well deserved.
    Geoff See

    1. Bert williams

      Thanks geoffrey missed you this year

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