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First 2021 Hosted Norway Fishing Trip With Ross Johnson

It is with great pride that we can now bring you the full Sportquest Holidays Hosted Havoysund report from the very first set of UK anglers to fish in Norway this year. Unfortunately, due to the WiFi being very poor at Havoysund this week, daily reports were a little thin on the ground but with Ross now sitting in a hotel in Oslo waiting for his second group to arrive, he has found time to write up his week. I will hand you over to Ross –

First 2021 Hosted Norway Fishing Trip

Our first week back in Havoysund was one of mixed fortunes, with the weather scuppering our best-laid plans for the first few days. Nevertheless, we made it out for a bit of fishing on both occasions and even managed to find 17 Halibut between the two boats on day 2, the biggest going 131cm. From there on in, the weather was much better, which allowed us much more freedom to roam in search of some of the real big brutes that live in the Northern Norway waters.

A slow day 3 was soon forgotten, when we made the long journey west on Sunday to fish the same area we had caught 56 Halibut in a day almost exactly a year before. Although, we didn’t see a repeat of that epic day, we still had 15 Halibut to the boats, as well as a number of Lumb and Wolffish to the guys on my boat who wanted to try some of the nearby rough ground.

The last few days, we headed up to the northern reefs to target Cod and Haddock. They obliged in mass numbers, with almost every drift producing multiple fish to each angler. After 5 hours, the lads on my boat were fished out and so we headed inshore to target the smaller flat fish species such as Plaice and Dabs. The numbers of Plaice were not there unfortunately, but an abundance of Dabs kept the guys busy at least. The other group led by Douglas went on in search of ‘The big one’, hooking up to one real monster on day 5, which unfortunately threw the hooks after a very brief scrap.

On the last day, they ventured south once more and landed another 3 Halibut, all of which were between 114-117cm. All in all, it was a good trip, with most of the anglers hitting their targets for the week. On a side note, the airport runs both to Norway and back have gone very smoothly, which was definitely a relief under the current situation. Now it’s time for me to head down to A to see what the new week brings.

Updates to follow as the week progressed.

Tight lines, Ross

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