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Havoysund 25th March 2019 – Fishing Report

The customers in Havoysund the past week have had to endure some ever changing weather, harsh winds and snow showers have limited the fishing. They have still managed to get out to the marks and find some great fish though.

One can say that the weather can be a little changing sometimes during this time of year, during the past week the guests have really seen how quickly it swings. During Saturday’s fishing it became a bit of a mixed session as it was still very messy further out after Friday’s storm. The English were most interested in testing the plaice fishery, unfortunately without much success but however Gubbsen from Poland ran for a number of hours after halibut, unfortunately they were also difficult to find but a fish showed great interest when a one metre flounder followed Michael’s jig all the way up to the boat edge.

Yesterday we had for a real storm coming during the afternoon so we decided to leave the harbour at 06:00 and stick out for the cod. The weather was absolutely fantastic the whole morning and the cod were really on the feed, the biggest fish shined with their absence but we caught a lot of cod up to just under 15 kilos. Today, the weather has again been terribly unpleasant with heavy winds from the northwest and heavy snowfall, after a brave attempt to wander out in the morning Jörgen turned the boat back to the camp quite quickly for the guests to warm up and go in the afternoon again and fish plaice.

Tight Lines // Douglas & Jörgen

Great report and great fishing everybody

Havoysund is such an amazing place to fish with monsters caught here each year.

Tight Lines


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