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Havöysund Finally Opens Up After Lockdown Fishing Report

Finally, we are getting more and more reports from our destinations in northern Norway and with the news due out soon that many of us have been waiting for, hopefully, some UK anglers will get to fish these waters. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope we get to finish the season off in style.

Nordic Sea Angling head Havoysund Guide Douglas has sent this little report from a couple of days fishing over the weekend. We look forward to the rest of the week:

Then after a long wait, we finally got our first guests to Havöysund for this season. We have been visited by 13 Norwegians, some who have been here many times before and some who are visiting us for the first time, all very fun!

Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start when on the first fishing day (Friday) it blew 17 m / s north/west and rained so much, the guys felt it was good to wait out the crap weather and spent the day ashore. When Saturday finally came, the weather had calmed down so we could stand out, the fishing that day had to be a small mix between cod, halibut and plaice. But with persistent hazy rain and low clouds all day, the fishing was not entirely on G and we fished where we could shelter from the persistent wind from the north/west. Unfortunately, the flatfish did not turn out, but we managed to catch a few Cod, it didn’t bother the guys too much that it was a bit tough as Sunday was looking great weather so everyone just charged for a great day then instead.

Yesterday it was great to finally be able to drive north out at the really nice cod places and hopefully have really awesome fishing. We split on the boats and tested two different areas, in my boat it didn’t take long before we found the cod, in the usual order they were packed during the voyage out on the edges and we had really good fishing with much fine fish and almost no wind all day. The guys in boat 6 managed to pull some bonus Halibut that was just below the minimum size 80 centimetres, but in the end, they managed to dunk in a slightly better fish which turned out to be a fine Halibut of 110 centimetres, perfect food fish that got on the plate.

Unfortunately, the weather looks a bit soggy for the next two days with a low pressure rolling in and offering more rain and heavy winds, but until Thursday it looks like it will be fine so we keep our thumbs and for the guys to succeed catch something really big now during the day.

Tight Lines // Douglas

Shame about the weather but I bet the guys didn’t really mind as at least they got to get there. If any of you want to get away at the last moment we do have a couple of weeks available for August and September. Get in touch with us on 01603 407596 and we can discuss some plans.

All the best, Stay safe,

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