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Magical Days In The Nappstream -Fishing Report

We have just received this report in from Nappstraumen and the customers there have been Cod fishing with great results.

The beginning of the week was bad weather with harsh winds and high waves that made the fishing very difficult and we became somewhat limited in the choice of fishing spots, but the gaps between the storms made it possible to sneak out a few hours to hunt Cod with really good results.

The last few days however, the weather has turned completely and the wind has settled which has offered nice weather conditions and incredibly good fishing. All guests have caught fish one boat team after the other landed several nice cod around the 20 kilos mark with some really nice fish of just over 25 kilos. During yesterday our German group aimed themselves at Halibut when they had fished themselves tired of the Skrei. With a mirror-like sea and perfect conditions they set course for the Halibut marks. The fishing however  began sluggishly but in the last hour they suddenly get a big bite on one of their jigs and the braid completely sprayed out. After several runs they finally saw the fish some metres below the boat but the energy was still in Halibut which meant that it offered a last really big run which unfortunately resulted in a broken line. The fish was estimated to be somewhere between 140-150cm (100lb est) but the Germans have not given up yet, they just went out again to try to get revenge on the Halibut so it remains to be seen who wins.

Martin went out with Team Sonny the other day which resulted in a very good fishing with lots of cod around 8-12 kilos where Erica got today’s top fish in the boat of nice 17 kilos. Sonny succeeded in the middle of this Cod fishing hooking his life’s first halibut of about 60 cm (6lb est) which after some quick pictures of course had to swim back again, congratulations Sonny. Malin, Lina and Nathalie got to experience the Cod fishing for the first time, which one could clearly experience in the boat with happy shouts as they caught their first fish.

Team Boudewijn from Holland have fished very well during this week with some really nice top fish around 20 kilos and a nice halibut of 90 cm (20lb est, Team Manne from Stockholm so far this week’s biggest cod at 25 kilos and team Lasse Congo have also caught good fish between 15-20 kilos and a top fish of 22kg.

Cod fishing is really at its peak right now and the amount of fish out there is completely unimaginable, we really hope the weather is settled now so we can go out and fish until lactic acid crawls out of our arms.

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What a great report, it is so good to see Nappstraumen producing some amazing Cod fishing.

The destination of Nappstraumen is one that we highly recommend with amazing Halibut fishing in the Summer and now the phenomenal Cod fishing in the winter.

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