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Strong Currents, Nice Halibut And Camp Records! – Å Fishing Report

Another fantastic week out in Norway, this week saw an old standing record beaten in the form of a cracking Plaice, as well as some fantastic Cod and Halibut fishing overall!

Strong Currents, Nice Flounder And Camp Records

Another week comes to an end here at Lofoten’s islands. Weak winds but strong currents have challenged our guests but oh the fishing has been so good. We are all proud. Björn and his Scanian crew started the week strong and totally out fished everyone. In the guide boat this week we had the wonderful Dan and Fanny. We had a tougher start with Halibut that just moved and peeked at our baits. But no stress, our time is coming.

Day two, we went after Halibut. Strong current made it difficult but I had a good feeling. Alex who was out with another boat had contact right away and managed to land two fast. We pushed on and finally it hit us. After a short rush, Dan tore up our first Halibut. A gorgeous 124cm with a very large head.

After that the current turned, and we chose to go into a shallower bay with a fine sandy bottom to target Plaice. With radiant sun and flat water, the conditions were perfect. Good conditions are important when fishing for Plaice as you want to present your baits slowly. It was not long before we found a spot of active fish. Drift number two hooks Dan in a finer fish. Up comes a giant Plaice. Without a net, plaice fishing becomes high voltage, manages to get the thumb in the mouth and pulls it up over the railing. It measures 60 cm and weighs exactly 2 kilos, which is also the new camp record here on Å. An incredibly beautiful fish that later in the season could weigh a lot more. Congratulations Dan on the new record. Several other boats reported fine fish of 140cm+ and 150cm+. Really fun.

After that, the Halibut fishing for us in the guide boat also came loose and the last day began with two double takes. There was great joy in the boat when both Dan and Fanny landed fish. It has been so nice to be out with you this week.

We leave a nice week behind us and look forward. The weather tomorrow looks really good and Alex and I are planning a long trip. We keep you updated.

Tight lines,
Andreas Wanland & Alexander Lindgren.

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