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Tough start but with a fantastic end to a week – Å Fishing Report

After the end of last week starting to gain some bad weather, it was nice to get a slight breakout of summer towards the end of this week!

Tough start but with a fantastic end to a week on Å

The week started as last week ended with a little tougher weather. Friday and Saturday fishing was conducted in the immediate area and during regular times we came down and fished in the stream, but with full rain and fog, the fishing was really tough and only a few boats chose to challenge the weather god powers.
The weather changed on Sunday and it was finally summer here on Lofoten. Many of the boats went fishing for Halibut, but it was still a little more difficult on Sunday where many of the boats had a hard time getting the Halibut started. In any case, some nice fish between 78 – 110 cm were landed.

Monday started completely differently and the fishing was better on all the big species; Coalfish, Cod and Halibut. Our French guests started the day with fishing and got many nice Coalfish of 100-117 cm weight is about 10-15 kg. Many of the boats this week have basically only fished for Halibut and Coalfish, but you have to mention the nice bonus Cod that came up during the week with really nice fish between 13-17 kg and that in Nikolaj´s boat there was a really nice cod at a full 22kg.

Jakob from Denmark has fished this week on Å and as usual he does not stop delivering large fish. Recently, he has managed to land as many as 7 Halibut over 150 cm with a top of 185 cm that his friend Mads hooked and pulled up. Absolutely unbelievably well fished with the weather conditions that have been.

We Guides took a short trip on Tuesday morning on mirror-bright sea and radiant sun. Many of our guests had already started fishing when we arrived on site and the first report fell over the radio before we had time to put our first operation. It was again Jakob Lindberg who had landed a completely magical fish of 175 cm.
After a 30 minute fishing, Andreas hooks in a nice Halibut that we could land and measure to a lovely 130 cm. After a short time up in the boat where she was photographed, and then let free to swim home again.

Nikolaj made his last day on Wednesday where he had a father and son who booked 6 hours of guided fishing, they wanted to catch some Cod that could be taken home. After an hour of Cod fishing with nice fish between 5-10 kg and some top fish around 12 kg. After a bit of deliberation in the boat about aiming for a little while for Halibut, just a moment into the first drift, Nikolaj hooks in a nice fish that will later prove to be a new personal best at a lovely 158 cm for Nikolaj! Shortly afterwards, Oscar, only 11 years old, also hooks in the first Halibut of his life of 106 cm.

This was a good to end last week, and now we look forward to a new week with guests who arrived during the day and evening today!

Tight Lines from Å

Alexander Lindgren, Andreas Wanland and Nikolaj Hjort

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