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Tough Weather But Fantastic Fishing – Vesterålen Fishing Report

It’s been a while since we’ve received a fishing report from Vesterålen, but the fishing has been in full swing, and despite less than favourable weather, the anglers have certainly been getting amongst a few fish. 

Vesterålen – 14/09/2021

Despite not enjoying the best of weather, the last two weeks have delivered some fantastic fishing, although last week was one of the most challenging weeks I’ve had here, with nasty weather most days and with prolonged periods of wind from the southwest. It was a week where we had to fight to get out, but we still managed to catch a few fish when we did.

With the weather how it was, we often had to fish relatively close to shore, and in the immediate area of the Lodges, we also fished mainly for Cod and Coalfish and landed some good fish, including some lovely specimens.

The anglers in boat one did make a successful attempt at Halibut on one of the slightly better days, venturing into shallow water and catching in just 11m of water! Janne, who’d never caught one before, was rewarded with a lovely fish of 155cm – in such shallow water, we can only imagine how explosive the fight must have been!

On the same day, several other boats also targeted the Halibut and boat three was another to land a fish of over 100cm, measuring one 116cm on the same day.

Finally, on Tuesday last week, the weather improved a little, and we were able to get out properly, deciding to motor to Kveita – I think all the anglers were just grateful to be on the water.

Together with the Scanian’s in boat five, we decided to have a little Halibut match. Krister was first in on the action, immediately landing a small one before Hasse followed with one of the same size. After drifting on the steeper edges of the channel in around 50m of water, we eventually found a better fish. Something engulfed Hasse’s Coalfish bait, and he was engaged in a fierce battle. After three or four big dives and a few heart-stopping moments later, the fish was finally onboard. It measured 129cm and was a new PB for Hasse, who could hardly contain his joy!

The Scanian’s on the other boat had been fishing the same area and had also landed a slightly better fish, measuring 90cm.

Next up, it was Christers turn. He’d never caught a Halibut before and was keen to do so, and in the last few hours of fishing, his prayers were answered, as he boated a nice fish of 88cm. Once again, the joy on his face was plain to see, and it was a lovely way to end a tough week. I want to say a massive thank you to all the guests for being so patient; we know it’s not easy when the weather is terrible.

For the second week, the weather was looking better, and the camp was filled with new guests brimming with enthusiasm, including our former colleague Marcus, who, to put it mildly, was eager to get back out to sea.

On Saturday, the wind had finally settled, and we were able to travel out of the fjord and into the open ocean. I accompanied some German guests for some Cod fishing. The day started very well, and we were immediately into the fish, landing a bunch of nice food fish to around 12kg. Unfortunately, sport died after a few hours, so we ventured to a few different marks but struggled to find the fish – it was frustrating!

Finally, after a few hours of searching, we eventually found a few smaller fish between 5kg and 6kg; however, after around an hour of fishing, these were pushed out by a much better stamp and for the next hour, we enjoyed some hectic sport from fish up to 15kg.

Marcus on the guide boat hadn’t been Cod fishing but had been out for Halibut. The anglers on his boat landed a few fish below the minimum size and had lost one really big one.

On Sunday, the sea was flat calm, and the wind had dropped entirely. However, forecasters predicted another period of weather landing on Sunday evening, so we hatched a plan! We set our course for a long trip offshore at 6.00 am, with the aim of fishing up until the forecast weather arrived.

By 7.30 am, we were fishing and by 7.32 am, the first small Coalfish was onboard. It was clear to see on the fishfinders that the Cod were also in the area and hunting, and it wasn’t long before we started to get into some nice fish. Anders landed a cracker of 22kg before his son Phillip followed up with fish of 15kg, 22kg and 23kg.

The other boats had been enjoying some fantastic action too, with the dutch anglers landed numerous fish between 10kg and 15kg. However, the biggest fish of the day was landed by Kalle, fishing with Marcus on the guide boat, who landed a cracker of 28kg.

Throughout the morning, the fishing was insane, and I’m happy to admit it was some of the best Cod fishing I’d ever experienced, and the amount of Cod over 20kg was utterly out of this world.

In the end, we stopped fishing, not because of the weather, but because everyone was so tired after what had been an incredibly action-packed day. On the way home, I think all the anglers were grinning from ear to ear, after sampling some of the best fishing at one of the best fishing spots in Vesterålen!

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