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Vesteralen, Fishing Report 28th June 2023

The start of the week went off as usual on Thursday, and all the boats set course for last week’s most productive Cod spots. As soon as we start searching the areas, we immediately see that there are fish in the middle water, it quickly turned out to be large quantities of pelagic hunting Cod. As soon as our guests got some momentum in the jigs, it hit straight away! This results in many fine Cod up to the 9 kilos class already in the first drifts. There were also some big wins in the first hours up to 10 kilos! The fishing started to die out shortly afterwards and I (Alexander) decided to try a little deeper to find the really nice Cod.

We move a little further northeast to a deep edge. It doesn’t take long before Pete, who is standing behind me in the boat, holding onto his rod! The day after, the weather was a little harsher. Jørgen and his boat decide to test the exciting Pollock fishing we have, just a stone’s throw away from the camp!

With light spin equipment, they set course for the base peaks. It resulted in many nice Pollock up to the 5 kilo class, which is crazy fun on lighter equipment! Pete would again, really get his gear tested again when he hooks a much heavier fish. The rod bends down to the shaft and everyone realizes that something much bigger has taken his smaller jig. After a bit of getting used to the light rod, he catches a really nice Cod of 11 kilos. Something like a raw by-catch when you have to fish for lures!

Jim and his boat cruise the fjord with a goal of catching Halibut. They were a very short stone’s throw away from our new camp for 2024. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes before one of the guests suddenly starts howling. It turned out to be a Halibut of around 100cm!

Tight Lines // Alexander & Jørgen


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