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Vesteralen, Fishing Report 31st July 2023

Now that both Alexander and I are back at the camp after our respective week-long vacations, it feels good to get back on track here at the camp. This week, we have had a visit from a larger group of Brits and a group from France. The weather has been somewhat mixed, but we’ve had brief moments of true beauty outside. Every day, the wind has really picked up right after lunch, making fishing difficult. However, we have also made the most of the mornings!

It’s difficult to remember exactly what has happened in the last few days because there has been so much fishing. Even though the average catch might not have been the highest this week, all our guests have experienced the thrill of a heavy rod bending! Once we’ve ventured out a bit farther, there was a real abundance of life under the boat. The fish finder has at times, been full of fish, mostly dominated by Coalfish. Our French guests have brought lighter slow-pitch gear and light spinning lures specifically for this type of fishing! And they have really had a lot of fun with it. Patrick has been the luckiest in recent days, catching a really nice top-quality Coalfish weighing around 14 kilograms.

Amidst these large quantities of Coalfish, there have also been good numbers of Cod, Pollack, and Haddock. Even though the Cod hasn’t been of the largest caliber, it has still been diverse and rewarding catches. There have also been several smaller Halibuts in the boat fleets. When Patrick and his group were spin-fishing in a shallower sandy bay, he landed his first Halibut measuring 83 cm. Unfortunately, it was 1 cm too short to keep according to the new regulations that came into effect this year. Nevertheless, it put up a good fight and provided an exciting battle! Sam in boat 6 went for a mixed fishing approach, which has turned out to be a great idea! As he drifted slowly with the wind in the sandy bay, he hooked a massive Haddock! Without weighing the fish but rather releasing it back gently, Sam estimated its weight to be around 2.5-3 kilograms!

Now it finally looks like the weather is going to calm down on Monday, and we hope that we can end this week on a positive note! The weather has really limited us, and it will be great to have some proper fine days ahead of us now.

Tight Lines // Jørgen & Alexander


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