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Atlantic Halibut Fishing

Atlantic Halibut fishing has grown over the years and many anglers go in search of the mighty Atlantic Halibut to such places as Norway and Iceland in the hope of catching their dream Atlantic Halibut. We have searched high and low for the best Atlantic Halibut fishing we can find and below are our top destination in both Norway and Iceland where Atlantic Halibut can be caught. Halibut fishing in both Norway and Iceland has seen the biggest following of all anglers with people now travelling from all over the world to catch these amazing Halibut. With destinations such as Å on the Lofoten Islands and Havoysund at the very north of Norway being some of the best locations for Halibut fishing, it’s no wonder that people are addicted to targeting them.

Below we have listed for you the best Atlantic Halibut destinations in Norway and Iceland

Deep Sea Fishing | Saltstraumen Brygge | Bodø | Norway

Saltstraumen Brygge in Bodø offers some of the best sea fishing in Norway you may well come across. From the world-famous Strait with its huge tide and shallow water which attracts many Halibut to feed to its deeper water marks famous for holding huge shoals of Cod and Coalfish. Plaice fishing is also very good due to the sheer amount of shallow bays. This self-drive sea fishing holiday in Bodo is one not to be missed.. Read more

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: March to October

Exclusive Sportquest Halibut Fishing Competition | Å | Norway

Everybody in the sea angling circle has heard of how good the Halibut fishing is at Å on the Lofoten islands and with this, in mind, we have decided to run an annual Halibut fishing competition at this amazing destination located in the North of Norway. This Halibut competition is Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays and in conjunction with Nordic Sea Angling, we will be running this Halibut competition each year at the start of July which is the peak time for the big ones... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing, Hosted Sea Fishing
   Season: July

Shore Fishing | Lofoten Islands | North Norway

Boat fishing is not for everyone and with that in mind, we have worked hard to bring you something different. This exclusive shore fishing destination will give you the opportunity to catch one of the many sizeable Halibut which frequent these waters well within casting distance. On top of this, you will be joined by an extremely experienced shore angling guide who will assist you with everything you need... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing
   Season: February to April & September to November

Å | Halibut & Coalfish Fishing | Northern Norway

This spectacular sea fishing destination is exclusive to Sportquest Holidays and includes everything you need for an action-packed weeks fishing. Subject to availability you will receive a full day guided fishing free of charge. On top of this, there is a fully stocked tackle shop on site so you can turn up with no end tackle and be rest assured that you can purchase everything you need for a full weeks fishing at very good prices... Read more

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

Havoysund | Hosted Giant Halibut Fishing | North Norway

A great fully hosted trip to the World famous Havoysund. Truly an outstanding place in Norway with it being the most northerly part of Norway you can get to, you will agree with us that the fishing is World class. It is mainly known for the outstanding Halibut fishing on offer and is ideal for single anglers wanting to experience Norway... Read more

  Category: Hosted Fishing, Sea Fishing, Hosted Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

Vesterålen | Halibut & Cod Fishing | North Norway

Welcome to Vesterålen located in the north of Norway surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape Norway has to offer. Known locally as the 'Kingdom of the Whales' it is home to a huge population of different species of Whales. This stunning Island is north of the world famous Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle and benefits from the same amazing fishing opportunities... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

Vesterålen | Hosted Halibut & Cod Fishing | North Norway

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer you yet another fantastic opportunity to fish this part of the world as a single angler or small group and would like to welcome you to Vesterålen. Located in the north of Norway surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape Norway has to offer. This destination is an excellent area for a mixed species trip... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing, Hosted Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September
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Additional Information

What Is an Atlantic Halibut?

Starting life as a round fish, these Jurassic looking creatures of the deep soon evolve into the Atlantic Halibut that everybody knows. The eyes migrate around their head at around 6 months old where they then start living life as a flatfish. Being a mottled brown on top with a white underbelly these fish are perfectly adapted to living life on the seabed as this camouflage aids them in their life as an ambush predator. They can be caught in both Norway and Iceland but North Norway tends to produce more numbers and bigger Atlantic Halibut.

How big do Atlantic Halibut Get?

Atlantic Halibut fishing in both Norway and Iceland come in a verity of sizes, the smaller specimens are only a couple of pounds whereas the larger Atlantic Halibut reach over 500lbs. The average size of the fish you are likely to catch is around  50lbs, but no matter what their size they all put up a good fight and all Atlantic Halibut is a prize catch. We have some great blogs with Tips to Catch Halibut

Where is the best place to catch Halibut?

The Atlantic Halibut is a flatfish that lives in the cold waters of the North Sea, inhabiting the waters around Greenland, Iceland and Norway. The odd specimen has also been found in the waters around the UK by commercial and recreational anglers. These fish love a flat bottom to lay in wait for their prey to pass over their heads where they will then rise up and engulf the food in one mouthful. Destinations like Å on the Lofoten Islands, Nappstraumen, Mefjord, Havoysund, Saltstraumen and the Lofoten Islands are all very good places to target Atlantic Halibut. Some destinations for Halibut fishing in Norway offer better chances of big fish whereas other places you will catch numbers of Halibut. Speak to one of our Sea fishing team for further information.

How to Catch a Halibut from a boat?

When fishing for Atlantic Halibut from the boat there are 2 main methods used to Catch Halibut in Norway or Iceland. I would suggest when on the boat, once you have set your drift up, that you fish a couple of rods from the back of the boat using dead-baits and a Halibut anti-twist lead. This can be fished either straight down or off a Halibut anti-twist float. We have created a video on how to Float fish for Halibut. The advantage of using a float is that you can fish well away from the back of the boat at the desired depth making for a much more precise bait presentation. We have written some great blogs on float fishing for Halibut, What are the best Shads for Halibut and our Ultimate Sea Fishing Blog is a great read before you head out to Atlantic Halibut fishing holiday.

How to catch Halibut from the Shore?

Fishing for big fish such as Atlantic Halibut from the shore is becoming much more of a popular style to fish abroad. The first thing you need to do is to look for an area with a sandy bottom, areas where the sea bed drops away or the tide runs hard through a narrowing in the land. These are all prime Halibut areas to fish and you will find these fish are always willing to hit a bait. The tackle needed for these fish has to be up to the job with large capacity reels loaded with a strong line or braid a big necessity. Heavy ground rods are must-have, light continental style rods will not cut the mustard, you need a rod that will be able to withstand the crashing runs these Halibut make. On our Shore Fishing Lofoten Islands holiday, we give you a fully guided week shore fishing. He will also give you tips on the best bait to use for Halibut and also tell you what Clothes to wear in Norway.

What is the best bait to catch Halibut?

For baits, I would suggest using an oily fish bait such as Herring, Bluey or Mackerel tip to catch Atlantic Halibut in Norway as these will release the scent into the water creating a slick that will entice fish in from further away. What rigs to use to catch Halibut, I would suggest Using Pulley Pennell with a strong rig body of 150lb plus. The snood needs to be of the same strength to avoid the Halibut biting through the line. A strong hook in sizes of either 6/0-8/0 is needed to ensure the fish stays hooked and doesn’t bend the hook out.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about the best places to catch Atlantic Halibut and the methods to use, contact our expert team. They will be happy to answer any questions you have. The phone number is 01603 407596

We also host an exclusive Halibut Fishing Competition in Norway every year. Spaces are limited and go fast, so make sure to reserve your team’s place early and be in with a chance of winning £4000.

If you are looking for more information and advice on Sea Fishing in Norway, head over to our complete Norway Fishing Guide here.



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