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Big Game Fishing Holidays For Beginners

In the world of big game fishing there are places more suited to less experienced anglers where you can simply turn up with no previous knowledge and still have the same excitement as a more experienced angler. These destinations provide boats with a captain and a deckhand. The deckhand is there to make your fishing experience the best it can be and to support you with anything you need from setting up the rods to hooking the fish for you.

Below we have given you our top fishing holidays from around the world where you can improve your big game fishing skills without having to purchase the expensive equipment.


Palma de Cortez resort is a world-renowned destination for all big game fishing from the awesome offshore fishing for big Marlin and Sailfish to the inshore fishing for Roosters and Jacks. It really is a playground for all the game species and attracts all levels of experience. The boats we use come equipped with a superb offshore fishing tackle from stand up and fight rods and reels to the heavier sit-down and fight rods and reels.

Our deckhands will ensure at the start of each day how involved you wish to be. They will ask you if you want to help set the rods up, tie knots, set the rods out for when you are trolling and even give the choice whether you wish to set the hooks on the strikes. If you are not so confident on any of this then just explain to them that you wish for them to show you how to do all of this and they will be more than happy.

This destination is ideal for anglers who are new to the sport as there is always plenty of action so if you make a mistake on setting the hooks, then you will not have to wait long for your next strike. The inshore fishing is very much the same set up as the offshore, the only difference is that you do not have a deckhand so your involvement will be greater on the inshore days. The captain will still do as much as you want him to but you may need to help out with keeping the boat going in a straight line whilst he sets the rods out.


Crocodile Bay Eco-resorts are set up so the most inexperienced anglers can still enjoy the exciting world of this style of fishing. They have boats for all styles of fishing from inshore fishing to offshore. All the equipment is supplied and is of a high standard meaning you can simply turn up with just your clothes and still get to enjoy the fishing. The deck hands and captains have been carefully selected to ensure you have the best times. They are used to people with no previous experience and will take the greatest care of you whilst on board. Again, it is important that you communicate with both the deckhand and captain on your experience level and please don’t worry about being embarrassed because as long as they know from the start they will make sure that your fishing days will be made to fit around your experience.

Zancudo Lodge is more aimed towards the lure anglers who love inshore fishing for species such as the huge Roosters, Jacks and Cubera Snappers. Their boats are more kitted out for this style of fishing, however, they will run offshore if you so wish. The great thing is with Zancudo Lodge, is that ALL fishing tackle is included, including all poppers, jigs and pretty much everything else that goes with this style of fishing. So this resort is a must go-to place if you are looking for your first experience of saltwater lure fishing without having the huge expense of purchasing all new equipment.

With both these resorts in Costa Rica, they make a great family holiday destination as they are used to hosting non-anglers and offer many different types of eco-tours, wildlife walks, horse riding on the beach and so many other activities. Both these resorts come highly recommend by Sportquest Holidays.


Panama for many years has been at the forefront of the big game fishing world with such places as Hannibal bank being classed as one of the best fish-holding areas in Panama. Along with this awesome lodge located right on the beach and their superb fleet of boats you will be in great hands.

The boats are kitted out more aimed towards the trolling side of big game fishing, however they do have some popper and lure fishing rods. The captains and deck hands are use to having all manner of experiences on their boats so yet again this destination makes it on to our list of destinations for all experiences.

This lodge is yet again very family friendly with many eco-tours available and some stunning rooms for couples, larger families and travelling groups all are located right on the beach.


This is the Sailfish capital of the world. It is another superb destination to visit if you are new to the sport as there are so many different billfishes that if you mess up to start with there will be another come along straight after. Along with the other destinations above, you can simply sit back, sip on nice drinks whilst the deck hands run around making everything the best it can be. The Sailfish in Guatemala are there in huge shoals and each day at the correct time of year, you can expect to raise over 30 Sails meaning if you need to practice on the first couple and don’t get it quite right then you will not have to wait long for another shot.

Our deckhands have years of experience and are more than happy to do as much or as little as you wish them to. They will show you how to tie the lures on, where to make the spread of lures and how to set the hooks.

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We also offer many fully hosted trips to most of our big game destinations which have been put together to help single anglers or people new to travel get to visit these exotic destinations. If you would like to take a look at all our hosted big game trips, they can be found here.

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