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Essential Non Fishing Travel Products For Your Holiday

When thinking of a fishing holiday most peoples minds would be on their fishing equipment, thinking about things like what rods and reels to take or if they have the right end tackle. Not a lot of people think too much about the non related fishing essentials they need to take with them to make their holiday that little bit easier. This will hopefully open the eyes of those amongst you that travel and give you some new ideas of other non-fishing related essential items to take away with you.

Multi Plug Extension Lead

When travelling abroad there is nothing worse that finding those sharing your accommodation have taken up the plug sockets with their electrical items. By taking a multi plug extension lead you only have to use one socket with your travel plug and then you have multiple plugs to charge your phone, camera and other electrical items you need whilst being away, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about getting a plug socket for each of your items.


Another must have item when fishing anywhere abroad is sunglasses, even if you are travelling to a cold destination these are a must have. If the sun comes out you will need to take the glare off the water which can inhibit the effectiveness of your fishing, also when driving a boat sunglasses will keep the wind out of your eyes meaning that you have a much more comfortable ride.


A camera is another item that I would suggest is in everybody’s list of must takes. These days most mobile phones have very good cameras which are more than capable of taking good pictures of you and your prized catches. If you do not have a camera on your phone though I would suggest looking for a separate camera, there are many on the market now that do not break the bank. There is nothing worse that catching your dream fish or seeing some stunning scenery and you have no way to record the moment to treasure forever.

Waterproof Phone Case

Whilst on your dream fishing holiday there would be nothing worse than finding out your phone has become water damaged. I would suggest buying a good waterproof phone case to keep that lifeline of yours safe and damage free.

Dry Bag

A good dry bag is another essential item I would suggest always packing, this ensures that whilst you are near the water all your daily items you have taken with you are kept dry. There s nothing worse than going to put another layer on or going to eat some lunch and finding water has leaked into your bag and has made everything soggy. A god dry bag will stop this and ensure your day near the water goes with out a hitch.


This covers both eventualities, be it a warm hat for those cold days or a sun hat to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes a hat is a true essential item. If you are travelling to a colder climate then a wooly beanie style hat is a must have to ensure you are not losing heat from your head. On the other hand when travelling to a warmer climate a baseball cap or a trilby style hat are needed to stop the sun getting in your eyes and stop it burning your head too.

Hopefully his has been of some help to all you anglers traveling away with Sportquest Holidays and has given you some ideas of items to take that you wouldn’t normally pack on your travels.

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