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Chasing Record Fish In Norway

Chasing Record Fish In Norway

Many anglers travel to Norway in search of that once in a lifetime monster catch. With so many different destinations to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to our three top destinations where we think the chances of catching a potential world record is at its greatest.



Sørøya has become world famous for the huge run of the monster Skrei Cod. These are a subspecies of the coastal Cod that migrate to the very edges of northern Norway to the main spawning grounds. Here they gorge themselves on the massive shoals of Capelin to build up their energy ready for their yearly spawning. The Island of Sørøya is right in the Skrei Cods path and is the perfect spot for sport anglers from around the world to intercept them.

Sea fishing Norway

The season for the Skrei Cod is short. The Skei Cod arrive in numbers from the end of February and once they have spawned they drift off around the middle to the end of April.

Sørøya is home to the current rod and reel caught world record Cod at 104lb but we do not think that this will not last long as commercial boats have landed them over 110lb. If you are looking to chase that world record sized Cod then Sørøya in northern Norway takes some beating.


Havoysund is one of the most northerly destinations that you can possibly fish in Norway. It is surrounded by perfect fishing grounds to tempt the huge Flatfish to inhabit.

A lot of the water is around 20–40 metres deep with a smooth sandy bottom which makes for the perfect atmosphere for the most giant Halibut to call home.

The constant supply of bait fish and strong currents make Havøysund a very popular destination for the travelling angler to visit to target the most powerful fish species in Norway.

The Halibut feed mainly on a diet of fish however, there have been some pretty strange things found inside the Halibuts stomach including Crabs, Starfish and even Puffins. Each year Havøysund produces huge Halibut and has made a name for itself purely on the sheer size of the Halibut that get landed each year. If you are a true out and out specimen hunter and want that chance of the fish of a lifetime, then take a visit to Havøysund.


If you have ever based your fishing holiday targets on Coalfish then you would have definitely had this destination come up in your search. Å located at the very end of the Lofoten islands offers the best Coalfish fishing in the whole of Norway and attracts hundreds of anglers year after year purely targeting these bullet shaped super hard fighting fish of Norway.

The main reason the fishing is so extraordinary at  Å for Coalfish is because of the well-known Moskenesströmmen that is located nearby. It is one of the strongest maelstroms in the world. Here, the difference between high and low tides vary by almost four meters and the water can move at up to 6 knots, making this the perfect environment for huge Coalfish to take down their food source.

Many anglers choose to fish topwater lures for these fish as they will regularly take fast retrieved poppers with great speed and this normally is a better way to pick off the bigger fish. Coalfish have been landed in this area reaching 50lb. It will not be long before someone exceeds this size. If the Coalfish is your main target when considering your holiday then look no further than Å on the Lofoten Islands.

Northern Norway offers the travelling angler so many different aspects to a holiday, the scenery is simply breathtaking, the people are some of the friendliest on the planet, the air is crisp and clean and the sea fishing has to be the best on the planet.

If you have any further questions on sea fishing in North Norway then contact our expert team. You can also explore our Norway fishing trips.

Have you ever visited Norway? Let us know your thoughts on the best fishing spots in the comments below.


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