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Species Spotlight: Dogtooth Tuna

Species Spotlight: Dogtooth Tuna

Name: Dogtooth Tuna

Also known as: White Tuna

Scientific Name: Gymnosarda unicolour

Description: The Dogtooth Tuna can reach up to 250cm in length and weights of over 250lb have been recorded. These large-sized Tuna have a streamlined shape and a distinctive colour to their bodies. Dogtooth Tuna have a stunning blue-green colour on their backs, silversides, a white-ish belly and white tips to their body fins. Another outstanding fact is that they always swim with an open jaw.

Another little unknown fact is they are not technically a “true” Tuna but instead, they are the largest of the Bonitos. They possess a large swim bladder, which allows them to frequent different habitats and behave very differently to the other “true” tropical Tunas like Yellowfin and Skipjack.

Large Dogtooth Tuna

Dogtooth Tuna caught off the Andaman Islands

Most Dogtooth Tuna can be found around coral reefs and atolls and frequent waters no deeper than 100m. They eat a wide variety of fish including squid and many different reef species. They will take many different poppers and vertical jigs fished at a fast speed. Once you have hooked one of these the true fun will start as these ‘Doggies’ do not know when to give up.

Average Size: The Dogtooth Tuna can reach a length of 190-240cm in males although the average size of these supercharged fish is usually between 40 – 120cm or 40 – 60lb, which is still exceptionally large.

Where to catch: Dogtooth Tuna are widespread so there are many opportunities around the world of doing battling with these beasts. Some of the top Dogtooth Tuna destinations are Rodrigues Islands, Andamans, Madagascar, Christmas Island, South Australia, eastern Africa, French Polynesia and north of Japan.

Fishing Methods: Dogtooth Tuna can be very tricky to locate and then even harder to land. As long as you have patience and dedication the rewards are there. You need to be prepared to lose more ‘Doggies’ than you can land, this mental attitude will stand you good when fishing for them. Be ready for physical pain as the most common ways of targeting them is by popper fishing and jigging and this alone is a very demanding way of fishing. Put this in the mix of actually hanging on to one of these fish then you will find yourself breathless and sometimes even in tears.

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