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Fantastic Cod and Halibut despite weather – Nappstraumen Fishing Report

Wow! The guys over at Nordic sea angling have absolutely smashed it out on the waters of Nappstraumen and have given these anglers an absolutely phenomenal few days on the water. I’ll hand it over to Andre for his write up on the week –

Fantastic Cod and Halibut despite the weather

Our camp in Nappstraumen shows once again why you should choose to go here during the Cod fishing season – Its fantastic location with the opportunity to fish both inside and outside Lofoten, and the chance to fish for Halibut just a few minutes from the camp if the weather was to be tough. Here you always have a chance to get the best out of your fishing trip despite days with worse weather.

March-April in northern Norway is known for fantastic Skrei Cod, but the downside is that the weather changes quickly and that you get easily blown away if you are in the wrong place. However, our latest guests really got to maximize their three days with us despite challenging conditions.

Day 1

Northeasterly wind at a stable 6m / s and almost 2m wave height on average. We head to the same area as last time, where we found large concentrations of Skrei. We travel with three boats that go out and stay together for increased safety and to be able to look for the fish together. At first, we found smaller sporadic shoals where they quickly hooked in 1-2 Cod which then promptly disappeared further. This is how the fishing went on for the first hours, but when we start approaching lunch, we find a larger shoal, and now the fish really seems to be on the hook!

As soon as we get down, everyone is standing with a heavy swing, and I quickly shout to the other boats that they should come here. The fishing really exploded, and the shoal stays under the boat. We continue to land many nice Cod around 10-12 kg. The other two boats joined, and they too were starting to get really good Cod. Shortly after, we land two nice ones where one was 15 kg and the other 16 kg.

We were also told that Roger from the other boat landed a new personal record of 20 kg! What day! When it was 15.00, the arms hung far down to the knees and big, tired, smiles on the whole gang, we decide to go home for today and go back to take care of the nice fish we caught.

Day 2

The weather report promised wind speeds over 20m / s, and we decide to stop fishing even though we can usually go out and fish for Halibut in the immediate area. We wake up to the whole cab cracking and the snowstorm dizzy around us. Feels good to be inside the cottage this day. But as fast as the storm came, the wind died down.

Around lunchtime, we decide to quickly go out and try for Halibut before the next storm strikes. With that said and done, we go out two boats and we manage to land each Halibut where the largest was measured to a full 129 cm! Shortly after, the next snowstorm came and we sailed back to our safe and warm cabins. But what a success! We thought we would be completely blown away all day. It was a bonus day that we will never forget!

Day 3

With weaker winds but still an average wave height of 4m + on the outside Lofoten. We decided to go hunting for Halibut again a few minutes from the camp. The weather was still shifting today with sunshine and almost no wind to a full snowstorm and wind whipping in the face. It felt like an excellent choice to stay here this day. Especially when André was able to report pretty quickly on the first Halibut of the day and not long after, the second Halibut of the whole 130 cm had even landed! We also had several contacts that we unfortunately missed.

When the rain and strong wind had tormented us long enough, we decided to pack up and celebrate the 3 successful fishing days despite the tough conditions.

It feels great that we found the Cod and had a really successful fishing with the few guests we had, even though this year has been very special. We hope both the corona situation and travel restrictions will be better in the future here so we can welcome more guests to our fantastic destinations here in northern Norway!

We have no more guests for a while, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get any more information about the travel restrictions in the future!

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