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Final Sea Fishing Report of 2020 From Lofoten Islands Norway

Here is a small Christmas greeting from Nordic Sea Angling fishing guide Johan Mikkelsen and his girlfriend Anne who are at our camp in Nappstraumen / Lofoten. Even though we are in the month of December and the light hours are few, Johan says that you still get about 4 hours of fishing even though the sun does not cross the horizon. The advantage this year is that halibut fishing is really hot just a few minutes from our cabins. When they went out, they only fished for about 2 hours and each time they landed at least one Halibut and had several contacts.

Many people are afraid to book late in the season or early in the season due to the changing weather. But since the fishing is conducted only a couple of minutes from the camp in a protected environment, you almost always come out and then also have a chance at really great fishing! If you would like to see the full details of this amazing destination this can be viewed HERE

All Halibut have been caught with baitfish and circle hook in order to be able to release these in a safe and gentle way! However, one was saved for the culinary experience for the Christmas table!

Merry Christmas everyone and see you all soon!

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