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First-Time Travellers Meet The Queen Of The Sea – Soroya fishing report

What a fantastic session this was! Its always great to help a group of customers looking to land their first Norwegian monster. We can always count on the amazing guides over in Soroya to do just that!

First-Time Travellers Meet The Queen Of The Sea

Yesterday’s weather forecast was not great, but we took a trip with some guests anyway! We were met by great weather and a lot of action! We tried one of the spots that had delivered good-sized fish the other days and that was a smart choice! 2minutes into the first drift we hooked up to a big one! Some good runs and some head shakes later, we could finally secure her! 160cm! What a way to start our 3 hour trip!

We moved 300meters and we were ready for another drift! As soon as we were drifting off the top we had a new bite. This was an angry fish! Once she got to the surface she swam down to 70m again. Some pumping later she surfaced again and we secured her! 147cm! Another really good halibut! After this, the bite died out and we went in because the weather forecast had some heavy winds coming up! We can’t complain tho! Two big fish in no time! Congrats to the fishermen!

Stay safe and tight lines! //Daniel

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