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Hassle-free travelling through Heathrow Airport

The first report has come in from Ross Johnson as he embarks on his first hosted trip after the COVID lockdown that hit the world. We knew the travel would be quite stress-free but we didn’t expect this! I’ll now hand it over to Ross to tell us his experience first hand –

Travelling with Ross Johnson

Well we’ve all made it to camp after what can only be described as hassle free travelling. Heathrow, which I usually hate being anywhere near, was actually far easier than first thought. No temperature checks, quick check in due to the lack of international flights running and getting through customs checks was easy for once without the zig zag queue’s for miles. One thing to note, is that face masks are now compulsory within the airports and on all flights though, which although is clearly for safety measures can get quite uncomfortable, especially on the ears.

Anyway, once we’d arrived in Oslo, the next stage was to catch a short shuttle bus ride to the Gardermoen airport hotel, where we would be staying overnight. This again was simple and cost 80NOK per person for the bus, the hotel stay was included in the package deal.

Outside the terminal is the coach area, where a large board similar to those in the airport, lists all the hotels to the relevant coaches. From here it is easy to work out exactly which number at the terminal you need to be at and the times of the coaches are also displayed. The hotel itself was fully up and running, so once checked in and settled, we all nipped down for some food and a beer in the restaurant/bar area. A good nights sleep was then had.

The following day, we caught the shuttle back to the airport and checked in once again for our final two flights to Leknes via Bodo. Please note that the Norwegian Airports are a bit more relaxed with the restrictions than we are, so face masks are only compulsory on the plane itself and not in the airports here. Social distancing is reduced to 1m as well.

So after a much more relaxed journey to Norway than usual, we will soon get started on the fishing. Updates will follow daily which can be found on our reports page here.

All the best,


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  1. Roland Bailey

    Glad to hear Norway is up and running. Can’t wait to read Ross’s shore report. I off to Norway on 5th October. Can’t wait. Wearing a mask is no big deal. We have to wear on here and in other countries.

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