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Monster flounder and long trips – Nappstraumen Fishing Report

Yet again Nappstraumen is prodcing the goods again as this group of angler embarks on another long drop to deeper waters in hopes of landing themselves a monster…

Nappstraumen – 31/08/2021

This week has offered everything you want when you come up to Lofoten for a weeks fishing trip. The weather has been like a dream for the first few days. It is now worse with the last two days that we have had a little bad luck with the weather but it does not matter because the first days we have been able to drive like never before.

Already the first day, the conditions were on our side so we decided to start the week with a long trip. It did not turn out to be completely wrong. It came up well with fishing for all boats that chose to follow the guide boat. This day offered nice Cod and some food Halibut so it was a big smile on all guests when we entered the pier in the evening.

But the icing on the cake this week is the magical day that our guide Calle Hjelm out with our beautiful Växjö guests that we have had in the guide boat this week. Now he will be able to tell about what they have been through this day.

This day offered great conditions out on the north side for all our guests. There was a good and tagged atmosphere in the guide boat this morning when we started driving out.

The guide, Calle found a perfect place where a bunch of nice Cod stayed. When we were pulling nice Cod one after the other, Jacob who was in the guide boat suddenly shouted that he has a flounder that is looking at the Cod he was playing when Calle leaned over the railing and saw it, he realized that it was a really nice Halibut that was +150 cm. While we’re looking at this Halibut, Pär is on his way down with his bait fish but he stops just a few meters below the boat to get over to the other side and look at the Halibut that is looking for an 8 kg Cod. when everyone in the boat is filled with adrenaline and silence , hoping that the Cod catches the Halibut, it sticks out at the speed of a rascal and then Pär shouts out that he has hooked it on his rod. The rod stands like a u down in the water and Pär holds the rod all he can, unfortunately we dropped that fish after the first rush down to the bottom. But now everyone is more excited than ever. The fishing died down a bit after we had that fish. But Calle told everyone that it is worth everything to stay in the same area because there are guaranteed to be more and if we are a little lucky there is a bigger one as well. And he was right.

A couple of drives later, it slams properly on Jacob’s rod and Calle realizes that it is a really big fish that has stepped on this time as well. So he shouts that everyone should crank up and put all the rods in the boat so we do not get entangled in this fish. After a really hard fight and a few laps around the boat but above all a good collaboration with everyone, we land this magical fish. When we have secured it and will start measuring it, Calle says that the ruler is not enough so then it is over two meters. we measured it to a full 213 cm. Then the joy and happiness begin to come true. After a bath for Jacob and some pictures, we release this queen back into the depths again. We have to give a big congratulations to Jacob who has had his first Halibut in his life and it is a Halibut of a magical 213 cm. This day was not over after the Cod fishing started again and we started landing several nice Cod around 10 kg with a peak of 17 kg. There was a big smile on everyone in the boat when Calle drove into the pier in the evening and that was when we all realized what we had been through in Nappstraumen.

The last day Calle drove the guide boat as it was good weather, so we decided to go on a long trip again, but we had our sights set on Halibut. Already in the first drift, we landed in the guide boat the first Halibut which was a small racket of 83 cm. So we decided to take a new drift in the same area and it was a good decision for that drift as we had contact with two nice Halibut and got another Halibut of 103 cm. Then the fishing died out a bit but it came back in the afternoon again and then we got three Halibut around 70-75 cm. Each of two of them took a double hit. Once again a really successful day for all our guests at the camp.

Now we are sitting here waiting for next week’s guests and are cruelly charged after this week’s results. So you can keep an eye out next week and see how it has gone for us up here on Lofoten.

Tight lines // Calle Hjelm & Daniel Freland

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