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Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 27th July 2022

The week here in Napp starts with slightly tougher weather, but the guides Calle and Didrik go out with each group on the north side. Directly in the first place, the rod for one of the guests in Calle’s boat is weighed down, where a really nice Cod of 12 kg is landed. Also the majority of Cod in nice eating size come up as well as the occasional Pollock in the weight class around 6-7kg. For Didrik’s boat, very nice Cod between 5-7kg also come up. But unfortunately around lunch time, some people get seasick and Didrik goes into slightly calmer water where the guests once again pick nice food Cod. A Halibut is also hooked in the slightly shallower waters, but unfortunately it releases right at the edge of the boat.

During the remaining days, the weather has been tough and so has the fishing. But our guests have fought really well, regardless of the weather conditions, where the majority of fish are around 10kg have arrived.

Now we come to what perhaps stands out most for this week here in wonderful Nappstraumen.

It is Sunday and the clock strikes 04:00 when the guides Didrik and Calle and the mechanic Mats go out on a venture for Redfish. This turned out to be a neat idea but the result was even more spectacular than they could have imagined.

Arriving at the first place, they don’t even have time to set up the rods before they get a visit from a minke whale right next to the boat, which already brightened the morning, the fishing for the Redfish begins with difficulty, but finally the guides locate a huge shoal of the deep-sea fish and we all have triple hits with 3-6 on the hook at the same time, during about three hours of fishing they already have over 100 Redfish in the boat, completely crazy quantity fishing for these special fish.

Calle who, after a heavy and long fight with something on the hook from the depths, finally sees the edge of the boat and turns out to be a huge 143cm tall and a whopping 16kg in weight. Didrik also manages to hook something in the heavier class where, after a slightly longer fight, it turns out to be a giant Ling of all species at a whopping 10kg and 95cm. Something that is even more special is that this Ling now holds the camp record for Nappstraumen.

Johan is also out on the water guiding this magical Sunday. Johan’s group, which he guides, has focused primarily on Cod and Pollock. The fishing for Cod was quite slow but a couple of nice ones were finally landed where Iris was of course the one who caught the biggest ones and on the last drift of the day the rod hits again for her and a nice Halibut of 83 cm was landed. Magical ending to the day!

Best Regards /
Didrik Stavervik, Johan Mikkelsen & Calle Hjelm


It looks like its been a fantastic week at Nappstraumen. If you would like to know more about this fantastic sea fishing tour to Nappstraumen on the Lofoten Islands and how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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