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Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 2nd May 2023

The guests who arrived this week have brought really nice weather with them! Almost calm on the sea without major swells and no wind. With this fine weather, we took the opportunity to go on a longer trip to the sea. Two guide boats and two other gangs. The plan was to put the work in for Halibut in a place we know can deliver both quantity fishing and that there are some really big Halibut swimming in these waters.

The trip there for Marcus, who was driving a happy group from Holland, was longer than they had anticipated.  On the way to the intended fishing spot, incredible things happened that made the trip both eventful and awesome! The first stop was intended to try to get hold of bait fish that would be used later in the day. But already at the first release, a larger Cod chooses to bite. Once the Cod comes up to the surface, a larger Halibut follows all the way up to the edge of the boat and inspects the Cod! After this display, the lures are sent down once more to the depths to see what happens. Then another Halibut follows up to the edge of the boat after a Coalfish that is stuck on a fence! 

After an incredibly quick change of bait and a jig descends towards the curious Halibut, it chooses to chop just a few meters down and the whole gang got to witness the spectacle! However, this Halibut tore itself and had to swim back down to the depths.  After a few honest attempts to trick something down there in the depths, we choose to go on to the next peak to continue our journey towards the planned fishing spot for the day. However, we don’t have far to go! 

When we have just picked up speed, a Humpback Whale comes up and shows itself right next to the boat! Incredibly awesome start! However, this happened incredibly quickly and we didn’t even think of taking out the camera before it dived into deeper water again. Once we arrive at the planned fishing spot, we arrive last of all the boats that left on the long trip. This turned out to be to our advantage. When the old men in the boat have just soaked their baits in water, it cuts straight away! A nice Halibut of 84cm!

After a great start with both a display of Humpback Whale and Halibut, as well as a nice food Halibut, not much happens. We have to fight to the end to try to trick something up. A few contacts but no one who really wants to get on the hook. We talk to each other in the boat and decide to make one last drift and then head back to the Camp. Which was absolutely the right decision! 

Right at the end of the drift, a rod starts to bend properly! It gets really heavy, and a fierce fight in relatively shallow water takes place. A couple of minutes pass and we see the Halibut. Marcus shouts that it’s a really good fish and lands the fish. A real shout of joy for everyone in the boat unfolds! The fish is measured at 143cm!  Not only this day, we also had an incredibly nice day weather-wise with our guests on day two! Where there was a real mix of fishing!

Marcus hosted two good old men from Sweden who wanted to try all the fishing up here in Lofoten. And they really got to do it! They caught fine food Cod, Pollock and Haddock before they wanted to try Halibut fishing. It didn’t take long before the first Halibut chose to taste what we offered down at the bottom. A nice Halibut of 80cm as first fish! Then it didn’t take long before the next Halibut decided to bite! A little shorter in the coat, and with that had to swim down to the depths again to grow.

We have had two incredibly nice days here in Napp with a lot of events and are incredibly excited to see what else 2023 has to offer!


//Marcus, Calle, Alexander


It looks like it’s been a fantastic week at Nappstraumen. If you would like to know more about this fantastic sea fishing tour to Nappstraumen on the Lofoten Islands and how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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