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Young guns

Encouraging Young Shots Into The Sport

Encouraging young shots into the sport is more about teaching them and cultivating their mindset and understanding of all aspects, including involvement and hands-on practical experience of shooting.

The ethos of the understanding the fieldcraft, safety and all matters of game shooting is paramount and something that should be made obligatory when starting out, after all, lessons have to be learned and understood to be a good egg within the shooting fraternity.

Young guns

A young shots primary reason to want to learn is that it has to be interesting and most of all fun. Good gun handling skills and knowledge is a process that takes time and patience. It is well worth attending local shoots who can offer the perfect opportunity for youngsters to get involved and learn the tricks of the trade by means of helping out or beating. There is no better environment to learn about shooting and all that goes with it than from the people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. They will better understand the important roles of the picking up teams, loaders and beaters if they are submerged in the days running and will gain more respect from the teams when they show confidence and maturity within their role.

There are plenty of excellent initiatives to encourage youngsters into the shooting world. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation run National Shooting week and a young shots scheme which are perfect for children in the summer holidays as these are a perfect way for children to meet other enthusiasts.

Young guns

If you’re after youngsters gaining another different insight on fieldcraft and country activities, Game fairs and country shows are an ideal place to witness ferreting, gamekeeping and gun dogs. Gaining more young shots into the sport isn’t about simply increasing the popularity of shooting itself but continually contributing to conservation and wildlife efforts for many generations to come.


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