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Blue Marlin on fishing Boat

Getting Yourself Ready For a Mexico Trip

When the mind drifts off to Mexico you will be forgiven for thinking of long sandy beaches, hot sunny days in the pool drinking ice cold beers and of course great food. Mexico is also world-famous for its amazing big game fishing both inshore and offshore. Here I will take you through some suggestions to ensure you get the best out of your fishing in Mexico.


For your Mexico big game fishing holiday, I would suggest looking at the destination of Palmas de Cortez, this amazing hotel in the town of Los Bareilles.

This is perfect for the angler wishing to do some big game fishing due to its close proximity to the sea and the fact it has its own jetty with access to many different styles boats that reside here. If you fancy spending your week on the fast and sleek pangas or why not spend the week on the more roomy deluxe cruisers, you will find a boat to suit any situation.


Mexico is a very hot country so you have to dress accordingly otherwise you will end up getting sunburnt and very uncomfortable and you do not want that when big game fishing. Lightweight trousers or long shorts are perfect when fishing Mexico as you will not get too hot and you will also be protected from the suns rays. Long sleeve UPF tops are very good to wear when out on the boats, you will find lightweight long-sleeve T-shirts for sale on the internet that have a UV rating on them meaning that they screen the suns rays and keep you safe whilst fishing. Of course whilst fishing on these boats in the sun, a hat and a good pair of sunglasses are also essential to keep you comfortable whilst fishing.

Also, a buff is essential to cover your face up as much as you can as the reflection from the sea adds to the dangers of burning. If you have ever put sun cream on your face and then started to sweat, you will know how painful it is when it runs into your eyes, so wearing a buff eliminates the need for sun cream. On your feet, you should be wearing either flip flops or trainers with a white sole. Never go barefoot, the hooks they use for this type of fishing are big and super sharp and getting one of them in the bottom of your feet will be uncomfortable, to say the least. Of course, you can take a jumper or a lightweight coat with you as well just in case the weather does turn bad whilst out on the boat.


When out in Mexico nearly every time you are fishing on the boats the tackle for the day will be provided whether you are fishing inshore or offshore -ut I know people who have taken lighter tackle with them to get some sport when out on the boats. A good spinning reel (Penn/ Shimano) is spot on, loaded with a good quality 40-50lb braid will be perfect for this destination, rod-wise a good lure rod with medium to heavy action is spot on. With this, you can use many different spoons or lures which will prove devastating for the predators which lurk in these inshore waters including Roosterfish, Amberjacks and the ever-present Needlefish.

When fishing offshore the tackle provided is of great quality and I would strongly suggest using this rather than taking your own, offshore you will be catching fish such as the fast-hitting Yellowfin Tuna and super strong Striped Marlin of which this area is famous for, also Sailfish and Blue Marlin are regularly caught.

Food & Drink

The holidays in Mexico that we offer are all room only, this means that you have the chance to explore and eat in the many different restaurants in the area. You have the chance to eat your breakfasts in the on-site restaurant which is of a buffet-style all you can eat.  Your lunch can be provided on the boat by ordering it the night before in the fishing managers office, alternatively, you can visit the local supermarket which is 5 minutes from the hotel. This supermarket is very reasonably priced and has everything you need food-wise.

For your dinner, after a long days fishing, you can either eat at the sea view restaurant which is in the hotel grounds, you can take your catch here and they will cook it for you for a very reasonable price, the food here is very good indeed. If however you fancy venturing out of the hotel there are a couple of very good steak houses nearby (5 minutes walk), and these are extremely well priced for the food that you will get. The village where the hotel is located is completely safe to walk around, it is mainly habited by local young families and everyone is very friendly.

We have hosted holidays available for those that cannot find a group to go with, this keeps the price down for the single angler wishing to travel and these are extremely popular so enquire for availability in 2021 or 2022 (they sell out very quickly!).

Alternatively, you can contact our office and enquire about availability on our standard holidays to the amazing destination of  Mexico. We are finding that lots of anglers are making plans for 2021 so to avoid missing out get in touch as soon as you can as we still have some awesome weeks available.

Tight lines,


If you would like to speak to a member of the Sportquest Holidays team about Palmas de Cortez you can call us anytime on 01603 407596, alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you right back. You can also request one of our FREE fishing holidays brochures here.

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