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Shark Fishing Tips When Fishing From The Shore

Having just returned from Fishing for Bronze whaler Sharks on the Namibian coastline I thought I would write a small blog piece on Shark fishing tips. This is so if you were thinking of heading out to target sharks on the coast then you will be well informed of what to expect when out there. So here are my best shark fishing tips when fishing from the shoreline.

How long does it take to reel in a Shark?

These sharks on the skeleton coast can fight really hard and will test both you and your tackles endurance. When your rod doubles over it could be a fish of any size ranging from 50lb all the way up to 350lb plus so be prepared to dig in for an epic fight. When out in Namibia I saw big Spotted Gully Sharks landed as quick as 15 minutes and I also saw Bronze Whaler Sharks that broke anglers in fights lasting well over 3 hours. You just have to remember to relax and let the rod do the work, do not let the fish get its breath back so to speak when the fish stops running pump and wind to gain as much line back as you can.

What is the best bait for Shark Fishing?

When fishing for these amazing toothy beasts including Cow Sharks, the best baits to use are big fish baits full of blood. Whilst you are fishing for the sharks you will also have rods out fishing for other species like Kob and Sand sharks which are soon chopped up into sections ready to be bound onto a hook with bait elastic and lobbed out into the sea ready for a big passing shark to wolf down. Frozen baits do work but fresh is much better.

Where are the best places to fish for sharks?

When fishing for sharks the best place to fish for them is first of all somewhere that you will land them when you hook them, you do not want to have a 200lb plus specimen on the end of your line when you cannot even get it landed safely. Next, we need to look for beaches with deep areas in front of you, the sharks will patrol these deeper areas looking for fish to feed on. They will enter the shallow areas to feed but for your best chance, I would always suggest looking for the flat deep areas on the beaches as you search for places to fish. Smaller members of the Shark family like the Lesser Guitarfish, for example, love the shallow Surfline, and other species like the much bigger Tiger shark will inhabit the deeper water behind the breaking waves.

Tips for Shark fishing

  • Wear a butt pad at all times, you can stand up and fight these fish for a while without one but after a couple of hours you will be in pain and that could mean silly mistakes being made and you lose the fish.
  • If the weed is in the surf then hold your rod. this will keep the line-up and out of the surf ensuring that you can fish effectively.
  • Do not worry about changing your bait regularly, if your lead is holding then you are fishing well. The baits you are using are full of blood and will produce a lovely trail in the water that will entice the Sharks in to feed.
  • Let the Shark run, they will do what they want early in the fight, do not try and bully them as you will lose the fish.
  • When you land the Shark take care of yourself and the fish, these Sharks have big sharp teeth that can and will cause damage if you are not careful.

How do I get Shark fishing experience?

The best way to get the experience of fishing for Sharks is to travel with a reputable company that uses the best guides who know the beaches and have fished for Sharks for many years. this will ensure that you have the best possible chance of catching a big Shark. There are many different species to target from the shore from the smallest Smooth-hounds to the huge Greater Hammerhead and Bull Sharks and all of these will test your tackle and endurance to the limit.

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