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Species Spotlight: Amberjack

Name: Amberjack

Also known as: N/A

Scientific name: Seriola dumerili

AMBERJACK Description

Amberjacks are tough, fast game fish from the family Carangidae, that are found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Amberjacks are normally an olive-green colour or brownish-black in colour. Amberjacks are the largest of the jacks and these fish usually have dark stripes extending from nose to in front of their dorsal fins. They are usually found in rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks.

Average AMBERJACK size

These fish can reach sizes of over 40lb but the average size you will catch is around 10lb.

Where to catch AMBERJACK

Amberjacks live in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The best destinations we would recommend to catch these superb fish are Mexico (Palmas de Cortez), Costa Rica (Zacundo Lodge,Crocodile Bay) and Florida.

AMBERJACK Fishing methods

With the Amberjack being such a top predator the best ways to fish for this species are by either ledgering a bait on the bottom or by chucking lures around\trolling. Ledgering a nice juicy fish bait will tempt the local Amberjack population into the area and will result in your rod doubling over as one of these brutes takes the bait and runs. Lure fishing for these fish is a more fast-paced and fun method with metal jigs worked from the bottom up through the layers accounting for many fish. You can watch videos from our Amberjack fishing locations here in our dedicated Youtube Playlist.

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