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A large Yellowfin Tuna

Species Spotlight: Yellowfin Tuna

Name: Yellowfin tuna

Also know as:  Yellowfin

Scientific Name: Thunnus Albacares


The Yellowfin Tuna is an amazing fish to catch especially when using light tackle, these fish hit hard and are solid lumps of muscle. The second dorsal fin of the yellowfin Tuna and the anal fin are bright yellow, giving this fish its common name. The main body of the Yellowfin Tuna is a very dark metallic blue which changes to silver on the belly which has about 20 vertical lines.


The Yellowfin Tuna reaches sizes of up to 400lb in weight but the average size of this amazing fish that you will catch is around 20lb. Where to catch. The Yellowfin Tuna moves across the oceans year after year, these hard fighting fish are found in such places as Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa where anglers targeting them can have fast and furious action once a shoal is located.

YELLOWFIN TUNA Fishing Methods

Yellowfin Tuna are a superb species to target and they need to be fished for with either bait or by trolling lures. This is done by fishing off a boat as the water these fish inhabit is normally a long way offshore and deep. You will normally find the boats looking for pods of Dolphins as once these pods are found the Yellowfin are normally not very far behind.

The fishing is mainly done with smaller lures that are trolled behind the boat, another method that works very well is to fish squid strips on a weighted rig whilst chumming smaller chunks around it.

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