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Sportquest Hits The National Newspapers

Sportquest Hits The National Newspapers After our hugely successful Hosted trip to Soroya Northern Norway, we have been very busy spreading the word about exactly how good the Cod fishing is at this destination and boy we have been blown away with the interest from national papers and also fishing magazines. Take a look below at just a couple of articles that have gone to print. You will see that the Cod are massive in Soroya and its not just the size its the amount you catch. All these huge Cod are released and taken great care of so they can carry on with their lives. Caught from only around 30 – 40mtrs down they are fighting fit when returned to carry on with eating.

 New article of our biggest Cod

The Telegraph….

Mirror news article of huge Cod

The Mirror….

As you can imagine the places have filled fast and we only have a couple of places for 2016 and are already taking bookings for 2017. If you are interested in getting in on this action then simply call us and we can organise a space for you on this dream-hosted trip.

You may be thinking that the fish pictured are a one off, how wrong could you be we had 3 x 30 + Kilo Cod that day. The one pictured above, 34.5kilo a 33.5 kilo Cod and a 32Kilo Cod and that’s just one day in one boat……. It truly is the home to the true Norwegian Cod

For full details of the trip Click Here and like I have said, if you ARE interested then act straight away as these few spaces will fly out

If you would like a chat about the trip call me on 01603 407596 and would be more than happy to help in any way I can

Until next time, tight lines


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