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Finding The Best Big Game Fishing In The World

For many years Sportquest Holidays have been searching the globe for some of the best big game fishing in the world this awesome planet has available and listening to all the returning customer’s feedback who we send to these amazing places, all have very positive things to say.

Our dedicated research team spend their days looking out for potential destinations where we know the fishing to be world-class, it’s then that their daily tasks involve in-depth research into how to get people there, making sure we can line up airport transfers from reputable companies, making sure the accommodation is up to standard and more importantly making sure that the boats and equipment are the best it can be for the area. This is sometimes a very lengthy process but no time is spared in completing the full research before releasing our new destinations to our customers.

Many people ask what is big game fishing like? Will they enjoy it? If you like excitement and catching fish, the answer is yes. I have always explained to customers that big game fishing is 80% waiting and 20% adrenaline-fuelled full-on excitement. Now those percentages might not sound great but let me tell you, when that 20% kicks in, the rush is well worth the wait.

Our big game fishing trips are ideal for complete beginners and experienced anglers which makes them some of the best big game fishing in the world. On most trips, you will have a Captain whose main job is running the boat and a deckhand who is responsible for running all the rods on deck.

For all beginners, I always inform people that when boarding the boat each morning to have a friendly chat with both the captain and mate to discuss how much you wish to be involved, Let me explain. There are some people who like to just board the boat and let the captain and the crew do all the work while they sit back and relax. Once a fish has been hooked they pass you the rod to play the fish to the boat. If this is your style of fishing our crews will take care of all your needs no problem whatsoever.

However, if you wish to be more actively involved our crews love nothing more than to teach the skills of Big Game Fishing. There is so much to learn and I for one personally believe the more I am involved, the more it feels like I actually caught that fish.

Within this blog, we are showcasing some of our best big game fishing in the world that have been tried and tested by so many of our customers that we thought you would like to hear about them for yourself. On each of the below destinations you will find links to the full tour details on our website where you will be able to find full galleries, dates and prices, suggested itineraries, real customer reviews and some excellent videos shot on location. Hope you find something of interest and hopefully, it will give you some inspiration when you are next considering that fishing adventure of a lifetime

The Best Big Game Fishing In The World

Rodrigues Island – Jigging & Trolling

Rodrigues Island located just off Mauritius has been for many years kept really quiet and just welcomed people who were in the know. Slowly pictures started to leak out to the general public of huge Dogtooth Tuna and other pelagic species to sizes that are not that common elsewhere.  The more that we delved into this destination the more we desperately needed to find out how to fish there. With our team on the case, they set about making sure everything could be put in place to make getting customers there easy and with some lovely accommodation and of course boat with skipper found it was then on to some research trips. These, of course, had their hiccups but before long everything was ironed out by our team and Rodrigues was released.

This destination offers that angler an extreme adventure, it’s not your typical sit back and relax trolling holiday. Yes, you can do this style of fishing here, but it’s the jigging off the Hawkins Bank that drives so many people to this Island. The fishing around the Island (we class as inshore fishing) is phenomenal for smaller Dogtooth and some excellent GT fishing, buts it the trips out to the Hawkins bank that sets this place apart from others. We have different options for trips out there but what we find the most common is a 4-day 3-night trip where you actually live on the big game boat while out at the Hawkins Banks. This gives you the opportunity to fish on location, so as soon as you wake up you can be fishing and catching fish like of have dreamed of for a long time. Remember though, this isn’t a big luxury yacht, but a fish catching machine. So if you are looking for some of the best jiggings and bait fishing opportunities then Rodrigues will tick all your box’s, which is why it has made its way onto our best big game fishing in the world list. To read the full holiday details with loads of amazing pictures from our customers, read some of our reviews simply click HERE and you will find all the information you will need.

Palmas de Cortez Mexico – Trolling & Bait fishing

When people talk about the big game fishing in Mexico you can start to hear a mass of excitement in their voices as if you have been to Mexico on a fishing dedicated holiday then you will understand their passion for this part of the world. The fishing in the Sea of Cortez is often referred to as some of the best Big Game fishing around. The sheer number of fish in this bay like the ocean is unreal and are all there for one thing in common and that’s the bait fish available. The water is teaming with life from microplankton to large items such as squid and baitfish all, in turn, attracts the predators and from April to October the waters are full of the main targeted species for any keen big game angler.

The Palma de Cortez is one of the only purpose-built fishing resorts in the whole of Mexico and with it built beachside, it’s just a matter of a few minutes out in the boat and the fishing starts, none of this travelling an hour or so down from Cabo, the fishing is on your doorstep. Whether you are looking for insane inshore fishing or prolific offshore trolling then the Palma de Cortez will leave you feeling completely content with your fishing adventure and we can assure you that once you have been there you will want to return year after year. On their page on our website, we have a full-colour gallery showcasing pictures from our customers, full suggested itineraries and more importantly real customer reviews to help you make your mind up. All this very useful information can be found by pressing HERE which will open the Palma de Cortez page on our website.

This destination is ideal for anglers who are new to the sport as there is always plenty of action so if you make a mistake on setting the hooks, then you will not have to wait long for your next strike. The inshore fishing is very much the same set up as the offshore, the only difference is that you do not have a deckhand so your involvement will be greater on the inshore days. The captain will still do as much as you want him to but you may need to help out with keeping the boat going in a straight line whilst he sets the rods out.

Crocodile Bay Resort Costa Rica – Trolling, Lure & Bait Fishing

The world class fishing and eco-resort known as Crocodile Bay is recognised around the big game circuit for both the fishing and their amazing friendly service. Set amongst 44 acres of the lushest dense tropical rainforest your senses will be in overdrive as the smells and sounds of the jungle surround you each day. The fishing is separated into two different areas, inshore and offshore. Inshore fishing is a lure anglers paradise as there are many different species that are more than willing to smash a well-presented popper and shallow diving lure. Then you have the offshore fishing and at certain times of the year the Sailfish run is something you really must witness, watching Sailfish randomly free jumping and sunning themselves is truly amazing, then when you hook-up to one of these Sails you will see why so many people travel to this amazing part of the world.

At this fishing resort, the fleet of boats is maintained to the highest standard whether you decide to fish from the impressive 33ft Strike boats where comfort and space are important or if you choose the fast and sleek Boston Whalers more accustomed to fishing inshore you will find the boat that suits you and your group. This destination makes for a great place to take the entire family as no one would need to compromise with either the fishing or alternative activities, the entire family young or old will be catered for at Crocodile Bay. If this amazing destination tempts you into wanting to read more then click HERE where you will find further details of the resort, other activities and a huge image gallery of our customer’s pictures.

All the equipment is supplied and is of a high standard meaning you can simply turn up with just your clothes and still get to enjoy the fishing. The deckhands and captains have been carefully selected to ensure you have the best times. They are used to people with no previous experience and will take the greatest care of you whilst onboard. Again, it is important that you communicate with both the deckhand and captain on your experience level and please don’t worry about being embarrassed because as long as they know from the start they will make sure that your fishing days will be made to fit around your experience .

Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica – Popper, jig and Lure fishing

Zancudo Lodge is more aimed towards the lure anglers who love inshore fishing for species such as the huge Roosters, Jacks and Cubera Snappers. Their boats are more kitted out for this style of fishing, however, they will run offshore if you so wish. The great thing is with Zancudo Lodge, is that ALL fishing tackle is included, including all poppers, jigs and pretty much everything else that goes with this style of fishing. So this resort is a must-go-to place if you are looking for your first experience of saltwater lure fishing without having the huge expense of purchasing all new equipment.

Blue Marlin Fishing Madeira – Trolling

If you have done any research into big game fishing for Blue Marlin then Madeira will appear very highly. Madeira is classed as the mecca for any angler in search of a grander, a Blue Marlin of 1000lb or more. With a huge average of over 600lb, Madeira is visited each season by people from around the world in search of their dream Marlin. With this style of fishing, you have to be prepared to put the hours in as fish of this stamp don’t come along every day but when they do, you better be ready as fights can last anything from 1hr to 4 hrs.

Madeira has always been known for its superb Marlin fishing but you must go out there with the knowledge that not much else swim these waters. Unlike other destinations where there are many other species to keep you busy while trolling, Madeira really only offers the Marlin. Madeira enters the Marlin World cup each year and many times have come first so this helps cement its place in the world for one of the best places for the chance of a grander.

When the Sportquest team are speaking to their customers about Madeira, they are always honest with them regarding how many fish get caught and it really is a place to visit if you have done big game fishing elsewhere and have caught your fair share of 200-330lb Marlin and want something a little bigger. Of course, you can visit this destination if you are new to the sport but be prepared as the time between fish can be sometimes fairly lengthy but well worth it when that rod screams and all hell breaks loose.

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge – Trolling, Lure & Bait Fishing

Every angler no matter where you are from around the world has heard of the amazing fishing Panama offers. Some will even class it as the best big game fishing in the world. It doesn’t matter if you love your lure and popper fishing or sitting back and trolling, all methods are catered for in Panama. Probably the most famous fishing area off Panama has to be Hannibal Bank a true hotspot for Tuna, Marlin and many other species either off the top on big poppers, jigging the deeper water or simply trolling artificial lures along the edge of the reef it all works really well and you will be catching fish on all these methods. It really is a great place to head to if you are new to the sport and just want some action.

The other advantage of fishing in Panama is that both inshore and offshore offer equally as excellent fishing opportunities as each other and both attract many different anglers. So if you love throwing poppers and lures around all day or you prefer sitting back and taking it all in then we have the right boat for you from the big luxury sportfishing boats to the more intimate inshore boats and can completely tailor your holiday to suit you and your requirements. If you have not yet had the chance to head over to Panama then why not put something in your diary and start the planning process. This lodge is yet again very family friendly with many eco-tours available and some stunning rooms for couples, larger families and travelling groups all are located right on the beach.

Guatemala – Trolling, Fly Fishing & Popper Fishing

This is the Sailfish capital of the world. It is another superb destination to visit if you are new to the sport as there are so many different billfishes that if you mess up to start with there will be another come along straight after. Along with the other destinations above, you can simply sit back, sip on nice drinks whilst the deckhands run around making everything the best it can be. The Sailfish in Guatemala are there in huge shoals and each day at the correct time of year, you can expect to raise over 30 Sails meaning if you need to practice on the first couple and don’t get it quite right then you will not have to wait long for another shot.

Our deckhands have years of experience and are more than happy to do as much or as little as you wish them to. They will show you how to tie the lures on, where to make the spread of lures and how to set the hooks.

So, now you have researched the destination that appeals to you now it’s time to do a little homework to take full advantage of fishing some of the best big game fishing in the world. All of the below will stand you in good stead for a productive trip. We are not saying that if you don’t know the below you won’t catch but they are worthy things to learn.

Things to learn when Big Game Fishing.

  • Trolling lures behind the boat: What lures to use and when, what lure pattern to run behind a boat, how to run a lure on, in, or behind waves.
  • Teasers – What teasers to use when and where.
  • Switch & tease – The art of dropping back a live bait to a fish that has been enticed by the pattern of lures.
  • Hooks – Setting hooks on both lures and live baits when using circle hooks.
  • Rigging live baits – How to rig up a live bait that can be used to either troll with or as a pitch bait to drop back to fish in the lure pattern.
  • Playing Fish – This may sound easy but there are lots to learn about playing fish correctly, this is important. 1. Ensure you get the fish to the boat quick enough so the fish can still swim away strongly and 2. Ensure that you do not lose the fish with line breaks.
  • Spotting Fish – When you are out in the big wide ocean, there are lots of tips and tricks that can be used to help spot fish. Any fish spotted will allow the captain to steer the boat in the general direction. Remember when out at sea there is a 360-degree view and the skipper and mate cannot cover all this water with just 2 pairs of eyes. The more people looking will result in more fish being caught.

Another thing you will learn is what to do when the 20% adrenaline excitement kicks in. This is the time when you need to have a cool and calm head. You will have already agreed on what the plan of action is with the mate on the boat. Normally if a fish bites the lure the mate or skipper will make the call. Then it’s all hands on deck, the spare rods and lines need to be quickly reeled in ensuring the deck is free and clear from obstructions. If live bait is currently being used, then someone holding the pitch rod needs to guide the live bait towards the fish and ensure the bait is kept on the surface.

There will be the setting of the hooks either on the lure rod with circle hooks or on the lure rod with standard J hooks. Now that elusive fish has finally taken your hook, all the screaming and shouting starts as the huge fish clears the water and makes its first huge run. All this time your reel is screaming so much that at times you have to chase after the fish with the boat running flat out, so much happens in such a short time.

Now you can see why the 20% is worth the 80% wait, having your heart go from a relaxing pace to full heart-pumping adrenaline in less than 10 seconds, soon becomes the Big Game Fishing drug that will draw you back year after year and in search of bigger and better fish.

As you will be aware there are many other countries around the world where you can take a charter boat out and fish and you will catch, but the destinations we have listed above are tried and tested and have proved very popular over the years and will always appeal a much greater audience, so this is why they have appeared on this list.

With regards to the best and peak times to travel, this is a huge factor in when and where you should travel, especially when heading to some of the best big game fishing in the world. Our game consultants have spent many years big game fishing and sometimes learning the hard way, which is a huge advantage to you our customer as we have learnt over the years the best times for certain species when the best moon phases and tides as these play a huge part in offshore fishing. So with years of travel behind us, we are in the perfect position to advise you the times to travel depending on what you want out of your holiday. Why not give one of our consultants a call and have a quick chat about where we recommend would best suit you and your budget. We have a complete and unbiased opinion on all our destinations and will advise according to your requirements.

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We all look forward to chatting with you about your plans and hopefully, it will be you appearing at the top of our website with that dream fish. You can reach our team anytime on 01603 407596 or contact our fishing expert, Paul Stevens, on and we would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals. You can look at all our big game fishing holidays around the world all located in one place to make it a little easier for you to see them.

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