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Popper and Jig Fishing around Madagascar

Popper and Jig Fishing around Madagascar

If you mention the destination of Madagascar to an angler it conjures up images of bright blue skies, tropical conditions and maybe even Lemurs.

Of course, there is much more to Madagascar than this with many exciting fish species to target using a variety of methods and with most of these fish being toothy hard-hitting predators you will be in for a superb and exciting holiday if you choose this destination.

Add to this the fact that you will be living aboard a catamaran out on the ocean and will be fishing from some exquisite sport fishing boats this is one amazing adventure that just cannot be missed.

Fishing Regions of Madagascar

There are 3 regions around Madagascar that are accessible to anglers wanting to fish these waters, departing from Nosy be you will have the opportunity to fish the Indian Ocean and head either North, South or West from the harbour to the 3 different areas in which you can fish. These areas all have different marks from which you can catch the resident species. Which will include big Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin all of which are viable targets on both poppers and jigs.

North Nosy Be

Firstly we have North Nosy Be as a fishing destination. The fishing here will be conducted in from the north-western coast of Madagascar, from the legendary Cap Saint-Sébastien to the fiery Cap d’Ambre (the extreme north of Madagascar) to the surprising and unknown area of Banc Intermediaire or the famous Courrier Bay.

North Nosy Be Madagascar

The northern region of Nosy Be

All of these are preserved sport fishing sites and are exceptional for their breathtakingly wild beauty and incredibly rich sport fishing opportunities. These areas are a fabulous anglers playground, on a coastline of over 120km and with a continental shelf over 15km wide.

You will have the possibilities to fish in several different areas during your stay, which you will discuss with our fishing guides once onboard the Catamaran. Here you will have the chance to do battle with some phenomenal species including GT’s, Dogtooth Tuna and Dorado.

West Nosy Be

Next up as a fishing destination is west Nosy be. Being 40 km north-west of the island of Nosy Be why not discover the fabulous Leven bank, which covers an area of about 2500 km² and is by far the largest offshore bank of Madagascar.

West Nosy Be Madagascar

The Western region of Nosy Be

In connection with the auxiliary banks of the Great Beaver in the South, the Voltigeur in the South-West and the Cordelier in the North, it forms a base of volcanic origin. Being  90 km long and 15 to 30 km wide this bank appears as a vast mass tabular bank with cut out contours.

This really is a gigantic anglers playground whose surface is swollen by up rises up to 15 metres deep, where many coral formations develop. This is a fantastic place to fish with many great fish coming from here each year. Including some monster Giant trevally to both popper and jig tactics.

South Nosy Be

Last but of course not least is South Nosy Be which has some beautiful waters for you to fish, some of these being virtually untouched by anglers.

South Nosy Be Madagascar

Southern Region of Nosy Be

We fish some of the most famous areas from the archipelago of the Radama through to Nosy Lava Island. Which is a truly spectacular place to fish. You will also have the opportunity to head to and fish marks such as Narinda Bay, Moramba Bay and to the gates of Majunga (according to the length of your cruise).

When fishing these marks you will soon discover the huge diverse fishing opportunities that this part of the world has to offer and you may even fish virgin spots still abundant with big uncaught fish.

Madagascar Fishing Holiday

So as you can see the destination of Madagascar is one that just cannot be missed. This truly stunning country, along with its beautiful fish-filled waters, gives the travelling angler the chance to target some of the planets hardest fighting species.

In some of the most remote locations, we can take you fishing. Add to this we can now take you hosted in 2021 to fish this destination. Madagascar really is somewhere you should be looking to fish.

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Madagascar really is a one-of-a-kind destination, catering to both anglers and holiday-makers. Visit our Madagascar Fishing Holidays page for even more info, Alternatively, you can request a free brochure or simply call us today on 01603 407596 with any questions you may have.

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