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Big Fish Adventures – Soroya Sea Fishing Report 4th April 2023

The Skrei Cod season at our Big Fish Adventures resort is now in full swing, and after a slightly slower start than usual, the past couple of weeks have been excellent. Here are a few words from Vilde at the camp… March 14th – Good Skrei fishing with a 37kg top fish… Finally, the fish have entered the fjord, and […]
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New Camp Record Halibut – Soroya Fishing Report

All we can say about this week is WOW. Its starting to feel like a theme in 2021 for lodges to absolutely smash their previous records! Soroya – 09/09/2021 Yesterday was a big day for us, literally… Davy De Beck, the previous record holder with a Halibut of 229cm called us with a quick message. “We hooked a big one”. […]

Perfect weather and perfect day! – Soroya fishing report

The guys over at Soroya were all patiently waiting for a day with weather like this, and when it finally came, they knew that the big Halibut would be out feeding! Soroya – 03/08/2021 Yesterday the weather forecast was insane so we had to give the big Halibut a shot! We filled our boats with gas and started on our […]

The weather has changed! – Soroya fishing report

Its fantastic to see that the guys over in Soroya might be finally out of the bad weather spell which is looming around Norway recently! The weather has changed! The weather has changed! Two big ones! We’ve had bad weather for the last 14 days, but this changed on Monday. The fishing started with a group from Norway that wanted […]

First-Time Travellers Meet The Queen Of The Sea – Soroya fishing report

What a fantastic session this was! Its always great to help a group of customers looking to land their first Norwegian monster. We can always count on the amazing guides over in Soroya to do just that! First-Time Travellers Meet The Queen Of The Sea Yesterday’s weather forecast was not great, but we took a trip with some guests anyway! […]

Big Buts and a lucky strike! – Soroya fishing report

What a week its been for the guests up at Soroya! Its always great to see a monkfish pop up to the surface! Its also always great when a customer hooks and lands his new PB! Big Buts and a lucky strike! The last couple of days has been fire here at our camp! Some Norwegian guests have got a […]

An amazing day for Halibut and Cod! – Soroya fishing report

Just when we thought the guys over at Soroya had a red letter day last week, they have only gone and tore this mark apart, with 6 fish over the magical 130cm mark! An amazing day for Halibut and Cod! An amazing day for Halibut and Cod! 5 Halibut over 140cm and 2 x 25kg+ Cod. Yesterday 2 boats from […]

Trophy Halibut hunting – Soroya fishing report

Often the guys up in Soroya can locate the big Halibut, but managing to land 4 over 130cm in such a short time like this is really a huge achievement! Trophy Halibut hunting Daniel went out with two of our customers who wanted to fish for some Halibut. After they got some baits they went to the spot they wanted […]

15 Halibut in 3 Hours – Soroya fishing report

Its crazy to think that in just 3 hours the guys over at big fish adventures managed to hook and land 15 very good sized Halibut! Ill hand you over to Bilal for his words – 15 Halibut in 3 Hours The current Corona restrictions means no guiding, which means loads of work onshore… We had a small window in […]

Huge Halibut on Brand new setups – Soroya fishing report

What a session this is! It feels like the really big girls are starting to get found in Soroya, Bilal and Danial have been smashing it recently! The things we would do to be there with you! Well, we will let them tell you the full the story below! If you would like to book yourself a weeks fishing over […]
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