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A Tribute to Christmas Islands GREATEST FLATS GUIDE Moana Kofi

It is this morning that I write this with an extremely heavy heart and even though I am a man in his fifties I am not ashamed to say that last night when I was told the sad news that I shed more than a few tears.

Remembering Moana Kofi

Moana was a guide like no other, for anyone who was lucky enough to fish with this man will tell you. I sat and worked out last night that I have spent over 20 weeks on Christmas Island hosting trips over the years and consider it a real privilege that I not only got to know him so well but also to have shared lots of laughs with him both on and off the saltwater flats.

His passion for guiding was as strong right to the end as it was when he first started over 40 years ago.

Moana Kofi Christmas Island
A very old picture of me with Moana and my very first GT on a fly, what a privilege.
Moana Kofi Christmas Island
Moana put so many customers in the right place at the right time to catch their first ever GT on a fly, simply the best.

His experience and knowledge was really second to none, this man just had a built in fish radar. His attention to detail and thirst to understand why and when fish were being caught, led to him knowing every flat inch by inch and therefore knew exactly where and when the fish would be. I can honestly say I have learned more from this single guide than all the other guides I have fished with around the world.

Moana Kofi Christmas Island
Moana also loved to fish, so when we had caught a few it was always a pleasure to let him have a go with the rods. Plus it was so enlightening to actually watch him fish.

An unforgettable Flats experience

His tone and gentleness with customers was also unique, he had the patience of a saint and the most calming voice ever. I have only ever known him to once raise his voice and get over excited. We had been fishing a small flat in search of GT’S, it was the end of the day and time to depart, Moana climbed aboard the outrigger first and we passed up all the fly rods. As we climbed on board Moana just started shouting GT, GT, GT. take the rods, take the rods. I had never heard or seen him like that before. As we turned around we immediately could see what had finally made this man lose his calm. It was the biggest GT I had and have ever seen.

As we started to approach this monster of a fish working down the flat in a very aggressive manor Moana told us that it was by far the biggest GT he had ever seen in his life. As the fish approached even closer we cast, it was then that we really could see the size of this fish. We were nearly up to our belts in water however the dorsal fin and tip of the tail were above the water. The fish followed the fly until we had no line left to strip at which point on seeing our legs in the water it turned abruptly on the spot, which resulted in the huge wave and splash that went completely over our heads. We laughed all the way as we walked back towards the boat.

Moana Kofi Christmas Island
Over the years he put me on to some monster GT’S that we caught on the fly. It was such a pleasure to be out on the flats with this man.

Exploring Christmas Island with Moana Kofi

He had a true love for his home Christmas Island, he loved nothing more than to share stories about the island and what island life was like, plus how it had changed over the years. On our last trip he took a day off from fishing to show my partner Tracey all over the island. He took time (something Moana was always happy to give people) to show her his home, the schools, hospital, community churches, how people lived and even took the time to explore with her the nature reserves to find the rare Christmas Island warbler bird. I remember as if it was like yesterday to have Tracey return from that day so full of excitement about what she had seen and done with Moana on that day. Something I was unable to do as I was hosting and something I will always regret that I had not done.

Moana Kofi Christmas Island
Moana taking time out to show Tracey around and how to perfectly strip a coconut something Christmas Island is also famous for.

He was also a great family man, he was extremely proud of his children who had all exceeded in their education and had left Christmas Island in search of better career prospects. Unfortunately Moana lost his wife a couple of years back. If you could have seen how this man took such good care of his wife who was poorly for a long while. It was heart warming to see him take care of her. I know it hit him hard when she passed although he was not a man who would show it in public. Well my friend you can now be together again.

Moana Kofi Christmas Island
Only a few months ago, Moana and myself, making the plan for the next days fishing, for all the guides and customers, boy I am going to miss you.

Moana, I am sure you are already exploring the never-ending flats on the other side and when my time comes you will do me the honour of guiding me again.

Rest in peace, my friend

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Peter Collingsworth
Sportquest Holidays


  1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

    Hi Tony

    yes this man did lead many many customers to their first GT on the fly. I think when we are there this year we will look at doing something so those who knew this amazing man can pay our last respects.

    Regards Peter

  2. Tony Teil

    Very sorry to hear about Moana . I met
    him for the first time last year, he helped
    and encouraged me to catch my first
    Fly caught GT at the site of the former
    wreck. He will be difficult to replace as
    his enthusiasm was infectious. I have read your very fitting tribute with saddness.

  3. kevin patterson

    A great tribute to a great man.I was lucky enough to fish with Moana on several occasions and i was there on the giant GT encounter Peter has told the story of and it has brought a great big grin to my face thinking of it now.If my hands had not been shaking so much I may have made a better cast.The great man taught me all about fishing the flats for bonefish and gt’s and will be a sad loss to all those who were fortunate to have known him.RIP Moana.

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Kevin, that was a great day, I remember saying to you I am glad I am not casting at that fish.

      It was the only time we ever saw him get all worked up as it was such a beast. But as I said that was just one encounter with him, many of which we will talk about for many many years to come.

      I am trying to think of what to do or get, as I would like to pay tribute to the man when I return in November this year. One thing I know I will be doing is visiting his grave to pay my respects and say my goodbyes.

      Talk soon buddy

  4. Darren Bremner

    What an amazing tribute to an amazing man! Although I wasn’t lucky enough to fish with Moana I did have many discussions with him in the evenings where his love for fishing shone through like very few others I have spent time with. I know he will be missed by all the team at Jacobs, indeed by much of the island, as well as returning customers.
    RIP friend!

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest

      Hi Darren

      I did not know you did not get the chance to fish with him. As you know he was such a great guy and yes he is going to be sadly missed by everyone.

  5. Lee Naylor

    Am so sorry to hear this Peter that is a very heartfelt tribute to great man who I never had the pleasure of meeting but I am sure he will have touched the hearts of whoever he met. I am sure he will be missed by everyone.
    R.I.P. Moana

    1. Peter Collingsworth Sportquest


      Thanks for your kind comments. I am a tough old dog but sometimes there are people out in this world who I think fondly of and Moana was one of those.

      I would look forward in seeing him every year, little did we all know that our last visit would be the last we spent together.

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