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Queenfish on a boat

Species Spotlight: Queenfish

Name: Queenfish

Also known as: Giant Queenfish, Talang Queenfish, Leatherskin, Giant dart

Scientific Name: Scomberoides Lysan

Queenfish Description

The body and head have a dusky green to a bluish back and a grey to silver coloured belly. The larger individuals are often golden, especially towards the belly, the sides have five to eight large, dull blotches above or touching the lateral line and the first two may intersect the lateral line. The dorsal and anal fins are a dusky colour.

Average QUEENFISH Size

The giant Queenfish reaches sizes of over 30lb with the current world record coming in at 39lb 7oz, however, the average you will catch is around the 10lb mark.

Where to catch Queenfish

Queenfish are predominately found around the coastline of Australia. They can also be found in the South Pacific coastal waters around many of the inshore marks in countries like Oman and also Christmas island.

QUEENFISH Fishing methods

The Queenfish is a highly predatory fish so methods are need that can tap into its predatory instincts. Lure fishing is a very popular method with anglers casting lures at structure like piers and reefs. Surface popping is another very popular method and this exciting way of fishing accounts for many fish in shallow water. Fishing with flys is another great way to target the Queenfish with large fish imitations working very well when fished over shallow flats or towards the structure in the water.  Watching Queenfish crash surface lures is superbly entertaining, sometimes they will dart all around lures without striking which means it is time for a change.

If using a surface lure this may mean a change to a sub-surface offering and they will take smaller lures. Varying the retrieve is another good option. Small metals and lead-head jigs are other good options. Queenfish can be quite flighty and move around a lot, one moment they will be everywhere in front of you and the next they will have all but disappeared. A good time to target them is around the turn of the tide and they love areas where there are strong currents, causing eddies and rips. In shallow flats areas do not be scared to fish shallow water as the tide rises as these fish will readily patrol these areas looking for food.

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